Madison, June 29: Stop the Torture Prayer Vigil

THIS WEDNESDAY, June 29, AT 5:45 PM, there will be a Prayer Vigil somewhere near the Capitol Square in Madison in support of the prisoners who have been on a hunger strike/food refusal and especially those who are now being force-fed 2 or 3 times/ day. More details as soon as they are ironed out. PLEASE PLAN TO COME! ‪#‎endtorture‬ ‪#‎STOPsolitary‬

Madison, July 2: Hunger Strike Solidarity March on the DOC

The Wisconsin DOC is torturing protestors. Force feeding them through the nose to undermine their hunger strike against solitary confinement.

We will be showing support for the protestors by confronting the DOC at their office on Saturday July 2nd. More details will be forthcoming, but please mark your calendars and prepare to join us.

We’re trying to arrange cars from Milwaukee, if you have a ride to offer, or need a ride, please msg here or email us at iww.milwaukeeATgmailDOTcom


The Grass Is Greener on Riverwest Radio: Phil Wilayto on the Bradley Foundation

June 25 show:

Prisoner Protest Update and Phil Wilayto on Bradley Foundation
First we have updates on the Wisconsin prisoners refusing food to protest solitary confinement. Then Phil Wilayto, current editor of the Virginia Defender, and a formerly Milwaukee-based activist who literally wrote the book on the Bradley Foundation, comes on to tell us what he knows about their right-wing goals and methods.

JULY 7, MILWAUKEE: Stop The Bradley Foundation!


The Grass Is Greener on Riverwest Radio: Fighting Solitary Confinement

Guests Mark Rice and Talib Akbar join us from from Ex-Prisoners Organizing (ExPO). Talib explains what it was like in solitary confinement and discusses the current prison hunger strike against the use of it. Mark talks about some of the current work of ExPO and WISDOM to make changes in the prison system.