California: Cassandra Devereaux for Assembly 2020‎

Press Conference

Join us for a press conference announcing that the Cassandra Devereaux for State Assembly District 14 Calls for State Receivership of Vallejo Police Department!
Cassandra wants to uplift the struggles of local community organizations in her campaign, especially that of the families of victims of police terror in Vallejo. That’s why the press conference is being held at the Vallejo PD. She is calling for the Vallejo PD to be placed under state receivership.

Other key issues her campaign is highlighting include:
Abolish ICE: ” Our communities must be sanctuary spaces for undocumented people. True sanctuary spaces are those that are free from deportations, policing, surveillance, and detention”
Housing is a Human Right: “As Concord has achieved only 2% of its state mandated affordable housing goals, the Concord Naval Weapons Station should be developed exclusively with affordable housing, not offices, shopping and market rate housing. However, because we cannot build our way out of this crisis, we must end the practice of corporations and financial institutions manipulating housing markets by holding abandoned and foreclosed properties vacant. As the state of houselessness in the Bay Area constitutes a humanitarian crisis, these empty properties must be requisitioned under emergency powers to house all houseless people.”
PG&E: “PG&E’s power monopoly has proven to be a disaster, with lethal consequences including pipeline explosions and wildfires, we must return PG&E to community ownership and control.”
Prioritize Education: “We must return to the policy of free state college tuition for all and cancel current student debt. End charter schools, keep profit out of our education system.Teachers deserve fair pay, which enables them to live in the communities where they work.”
Medical Care: “MediCal for all to provide quality physical and mental health care for everyone, regardless of citizenship or documentation status.”

Cassandra says: “I believe that with solidarity among poor, working, and oppressed people we will chart our own course into a better world.”

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