Milwaukee: Julio Belongs Home! Fundraiser

Julio Belongs Home in Wisconsin, organized by Voces de la Frontera

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Our friend and loyal community activist, Julio Gumeta, needs your help!

Julio came to the US at the age of 7. As a DACA recipient he was able to start his education in Information Technology.

Many folks know Julio for his advocacy work in immigration and organizing with various organizations/groups like Voces de La Frontera, Working Families Party, and as a consistent volunteer with Ayuda Mutua Milwaukee.

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He’s been an ally to our undocumented siblings and most importantly he is a friend that many care about and deeply appreciate.

Julio had been in the House of Corrections since Saturday October 10, 2020. In HOC custody he experienced 62 hours of isolation from all human contact, malnourishment, and was deprived from the life saving medicine he depends upon. He also suffered abuse from correctional officers and authorities, and all around dehumanization.

And now he needs your continued support. His close family and friends want Julio safe and healthy so that he can continue to support and benefit our community like he always has.

Help us take care of our dear friend Julio! These funds will cover future legal, medical and mental health costs. Julio is in need of care and support from his community.

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Milwaukee, November 2, 2020: Black Lives Matter Kids Protest

MAD MOMS of Milwaukee

This Monday we will let our youth and children’s voices be heard as we take to the streets. We will gather on 27th and Center at 5:00pm for those who want to make signs, and to hear from some of the kids, then we will take to the corners at 5:30.

As parents we go through life as the voice for our families, but as our children watch us they formulate their THIS ISN’T JUST A MOMENT IT IS THEIR MOVEMENT!

MAD MOMS of Milwaukee

Across United States, Brutality and Racist Violence Intensifies Leading Up to Contested Elections

By Abayomi Azikiwe Global Research, October 28, 2020

As millions of people in the United States cast early ballots for the upcoming presidential and Congressional elections, tensions are escalating over the future of racial politics inside the country.

On October 26, the police killing of an African American man in Philadelphia resulted in a rebellion where people fought law-enforcement agents and attacked private property well into the following morning.

Police claim that Walter Wallace, 27, had refused to put down a knife while initially standing on his front porch.  The police therefore used this scenario to justify Wallace being shot ten times by two officers.

Wallace walked away from his porch between two vehicles and after emerging, he was gunned down by the police. Such a rationale for the shooting death of civilians by law-enforcement agents is a familiar one amid ongoing demonstrations and rebellions since the public police execution of George Floyd in Minneapolis on May 25.

Events in Philadelphia represented the second occurrence of violent unrest since late May. The city has a sordid history of police misconduct going back decades where acting with impunity, law-enforcement personnel have utilized lethal force often without any fear of legal retribution or accountability…

SHIFT and Detroit Will Breathe activists rally in Shelby Township on Oct. 24, 2020 (Photo by Abayomi Azikiwe)