Support Starbucks Workers in Albuquerque!


Starbucks workers in Albuquerque need your support! With election ballots being mailed out on August 22nd, the first unionizing Starbucks in New Mexico is being subjected to constant union-busting, including the firing of 9-year pro-union partner Ashlee Southern. Stop by the I-40 & Rio Grande store, order under the name “REINSTATE ASHLEE,” and make sure management knows they won’t get away with another unjust firing!! ✊

And don’t forget to follow the store on Twitter for updates – @ UnionizeABQ 🔥


Treaty People Convergence – Aug. 5 – 8, 2022 – Live Stream Directory

Treaty People Convergence – Aug. 5 – 8, 2022 – Live Stream Directory

Dawn Goodwin, R.I.S.E Coalition Co-founder, addresses crowd at Start of Treaty People Gathering: and later presents first “Treaty People Convergence” bandana to Eoin Small:

and on on Mooningwanakaaning Minis (Madeline Island):

Rene Ann Goodrich, Cofounder of Native Lives Matter Coalition and No More MMIR Great Lakes, addresses crowd at Start of Treaty People Gathering: and and on on Mooningwanakaaning Minis (Madeline Island):

Ron Turney, Water Protector from White Earth Nation, speaks at the Treaty People Convergence on Mooningwanakaaning Minis (Madeline Island):

Paul DeMain, Chairman of Board of Honor the Earth, shares a historical briefing on Mooningwanakaaning Minis (Madeline Island):

Bad River Chairman, Mike Wiggins, Jr sharing about Line 5 on Mooningwanakaaning Minis (Madeline Island):

Winona LaDuke speaks at the Treaty People Convergence on Mooningwanakaaning Minis (Madeline Island):

Sherry Couture speaks at the Treaty People Convergence on Mooningwanakaaning Minis (Madeline Island):

Kelly Lundeen, Co-director of Nukewatch, sharing words on and about “Hiroshima Day” at the start of Treaty People Convergence: and on Mooningwanakaaning Minis (Madeline Island):

*** Please check back to this document as more live steam and photo links will be posted here as they become available.

Also feel free to call me at 608-630-3633.


Marrch Speak Out and March September 11, 2022 Madison, WI – Reproductive Justice NOW!


Meet at Library Mall by State Street at 1 P.M. March to State Capitol

Marrch would like to welcome the college students (and everyone who would like to attend) back with a speak out and March to the Capitol for Abortion rights. We’ll start by the library for a speak out then March to the Capitol.

In 2019 a survey found 1 in 4 UW-Madison undergrad women experienced sexual assault. The number is higher for lgbtq students (63% surveyed).

Statistically for female under grades
Roughly 15,640 female undergrads,
11% are raped = 1,720 students,
20% get pregnant = 344 abortions needed

People deserve agency over their body no matter what circumstance. They should have a choice whether they want to carry a child. We understand that college party culture goes hand in hand with rape (most unreported) and rape goes hand and hand with unwanted pregnancy. We understand it is your body, your choice no matter what, for your duration at Madison.

Come make your voices heard with Marrch. A group that is ready to welcome you, March with you, and support you during your time in Madison.

Milwaukee Area Labor Council: In Remembrance of Ken Greening, Union Stalwart & People’s Fighter!

Milwaukee Area Labor Council

It is with profound sadness that we share the news of the passing of Ken Greening.

Ken was a proud member of the Plumbers Local Union 75 since 1969 and he became a life-time member (50 year member) in 2019. Ken valued his trade and the strength of a union job. Ken will always be remembered as a valued and dedicated member of the Milwaukee Area Labor Council, serving as sergeant-at-arms for many years.

From volunteering at Laborfest to his support of Latino immigrants through his activism with Voces de la Frontera, staffing and greeting delegates at monthly delegate meetings to laminating delegate cards and knocking on union member doors, “whenever the call goes out, wherever there is a need, Ken Greening was there.”

Ken Greening without a doubt was a superb human being. Throughout his life, Ken took care of those who need it without any expectation of recognition. Ken embodied solidarity and the best of organized labor.

The Milwaukee Area Labor Council remembers Ken Greening for his years of dedicated service to the labor movement and the community. The Labor Council and the greater Milwaukee Area are better for having Ken as a dedicated activist and union member.

August 18, 2022: (Online) Black August In Action, Local Organizing to Free Political Prisoners

Black Alliance for Peace

This Black August, join a Black Alliance for Peace webinar, “Black August In Action: Local Organizing for Political Prisoners.” PLEASE REGISTER HERE:

* Too Black, The Defense Committee to Free the Pendleton 2
* Tone the Organizer, BLM Boston
* Kamau Franklin, Community Movement Builders


Facebook livestream will be found at


“The Indiana Prisoner Rebellion of 1985, Part 1”,…/the-indiana-prisoner…/amp

“The Indiana Prisoner Rebellion of 1985, Part 2”,…/the-indiana-prisoner…

National Network On Cuba: ‘Call Me – Washington’s Generosity’

National Network on Cuba

By Isaac Saney and Cheryl LaBash

While various countries such as Mexico and Venezuela were concretely assisting Cuba in overcoming the unprecedented disastrous fire consuming the Mantanzas oil storage facility, the United States cynically sat on its hands, instead asking Havana to call them. As Mexico, for example, sent 16 flights with over 45,000 litres of foam and other equipment for fighting the raging inferno, the United States provided the tremendous contribution of a telephone number for Cuba to call for technical advice! Presumably, it was Cuba who had to cover the cost of the call.

Of course, the very generous offer of help is quite familiar to workers and the ever-growing impoverished masses in Canada and the United States, who when seeking relief from looming homelessness, hunger and general immiseration are told to call a number only to begin a soul crushing, spirit destroying and emotion shattering odyssey: A dead-end that leads to no relief, succour or refuge in a dog-eat-dog society where everyone fends for themselves, so characteristic and defining of profit driven and capital centred societies.

Yes, call me is a refrain that should resonate with so many. But unlike the promise of Blondie’s 1980 song, no help will be arriving anytime soon. Here-in lies the rub, the clear connection between disenfranchisement, austerity and marginalisation at home, and imperial plunder, exploitation, and war aboard.

While, Washington may plead ignorance, saying Cuba (less than 100-miles away) never exactly stated what assistance it needed, what good neighbour just stands by and watches a house next-door catch on fire instead of immediately rushing to help?!

But, of course, Cuba has stated time and time again exactly what is required from Washington:

Remove Cuba from the arbitrary and unilateral U.S. State Department’s State Sponsors of Terrorism list! A list that makes it impossible for Cuba to obtain credits and loans from international financial institutions and economic assistance from other counties who fear U.S. reprisals and retaliations. A list that Washington uses as justification to openly intimidate and sanction international entities that already have economic relations with Cuba, pressuring them to break those relations with the island nation.

End the criminal and internationally condemned economic war against Cuba, which is the principal obstacle to Cuba’s social and economic development, causing damage exceeding $100 billion!

Cease the relentless campaign of disinformation, aggression, and subversion of Cuba’s legitimate constitutional order!

Call me, indeed! The ignominies and disgrace of the empire are writ large and know no bounds.

*Isaac Saney is a Cuba specialist at Dalhousie University, Canada, and the author of Cuba: A Revolution In Motion and the forthcoming, Cuba, Africa, and Apartheid’s End: Africa’s Children Return. From 2008-2022, he served as co-chair and national spokesperson of the Canadian Network On Cuba, with which he now serves in an advisory capacity.

*Cheryl LaBash is co-chair of the National Network On Cuba in the United States and works in Washington, D.C. on national mobilization and legislative advocacy to end the U.S. economic, financial, and commercial blockade of Cuba, and writes on current Cuba related developments.