The Mothers Podcast

In episode 2 we interview Marion Gray Hopkins, mother of Gary Hopkins, Jr. Gary was killed by police when he was 19-years-old. If you listened to episode one about the police killing Archie Elliott III in 1993, then you are familiar with Prince George’s County – that’s the same county where Gary was killed by police officers on November 27 in 1999.

At a time when body cameras didn’t exist Marion shares with us her painful journey of uncovering what happened to her son and how she’s worked to turn that pain into power helping mothers across the country 20 years later with her organization Coalition of Concerned Mothers.

The Mothers Podcast is a 10-episode series that puts a spotlight on mothers from across the U.S. whose children have been killed by police violence. Becoming members of a club that NO ONE would wish to join, these mothers’ stories go beyond the headlines of each case, dissecting the pain, aftermath and the struggle for accountability for the killing of their child. This exploration unveils mothers supporting mothers to overcome grief and create change within their communities all across the country.

The Mothers Podcast features the work of Unicorn Riot interviews going back to 2018 and is a precursor to Unicorn Riot’s full-length documentary film, ‘The Mothers.’

The podcast series is hosted by independent journalist Georgia Fort and Niko Georgiades of Unicorn Riot. Each episode is edited and mixed by DJ Skizz who provides original music along with original songs by MC Longshot and recorded and engineered by Malcolm Wells, along with editing and producing by Tarik Thornton (Different Worlds Music Group).

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How a century of political violence in Ukraine is linked to the atrocities of today

May 15, 2022 Olga Sukharevskaya

Troops shot in the legs screaming in pain. Others dying from blood loss and shock. With no one around to provide medical assistance. A Russian soldier crucified on an anti-tank barrier, chained to a metal ‘hedgehog’ and then burned alive…

For many, graphic footage of Russian servicemen tortured and killed by the Ukrainian Armed Forces, and nationalist battalions, came as a real shock. But this did not surprise those who are familiar with the ‘traditions’ of Ukraine’s ‘fighters for national freedom’, as they have more than a century of history in this sort of thing….

Perhaps the most horrific crime committed by Ukrainian nationalists was the creation of a prison in the refrigerator at the airport in Mariupol in June of 2014, which the jailers called the ‘library’. There, Mariupol residents were subjected to beatings, death by torture, and rape for even the suspicion of harboring sympathies for Russia or the unrecognized eastern republics. The ‘library’ was headed by the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU), whose chief, Valentin Nalivaichenko, was a friend of the leader of the Right Sector, Dmitry Yarosh. And Nalivaichenko’s assistant, Yuri Mikhalchishin, a member of the nationalist Svoboda party who goes by the pseudonym ‘Nahtigal88’ (in honor of a sabotage battalion that was part of the Third Reich’s counterintelligence division and the letters ‘NN’ denoting Heil Hitler), was responsible for the ideology of the special service. Mikhalchishin openly asserts that Mein Kampf has been his guidebook since the age of 16. After being dismissed from the SBU, he went to fight as part of the Azov Regiment.


The ideology of racial superiority has a long criminal history grounded in hate. When its bearers get their hands on power, national pride invariably turns into ruthless violence, and the radicals reveal their willingness to employ bestial cruelty and exterminate ‘outsiders’. The true foundations of their worldview will be seen more than once until this lesson in history is finally learned.

Olga Sukharevskaya is an ex-Ukrainian diplomat

Corpses of Polish victims of the massacre brought for identification and burial, March 26, 1943. Photo: Wikipedia

Even in death, Shireen Abu Akleh exposes Israel’s lies

Maureen Clare Murphy Rights and Accountability 14 May 2022

Israeli spin doctors were surely working overtime this week.

First there was the campaign launched immediately after the killing of Al Jazeera journalist Shireen Abu Akleh in Jenin refugee camp on Wednesday.

Normally a boilerplate statement about stone-throwing, Molotov cocktails, or rioters is enough for Israel to justify the killing of an unarmed Palestinian.

But given Abu Akleh’s high profile – she was perhaps one of the most well-known working female journalists up until her death – Israel has been put under unusual international pressure….

Justice for Shireen! Free Palestine!

Please forward this email on to others who may want to sign. CODEPINK is converging on Washington D.C. June 17-19 for the Poor People’s Campaign where we will call for an end to militarism. Along with ending U.S. military aid to Israel, WE MUST CUT THE PENTAGON. RSVP here to join us.


Here’s the full petition:

Dear Ambassador Tom Nides and Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, 

We the undersigned are horrified, saddened, and outraged at the killing of Palestinian-American veteran journalist  Shireen Abu Akleh by the Israeli military. We call for a thorough investigation — not by Israel — and the immediate suspension of U.S. military aid to Israel. 

Shireen Abu Akleh was covering an Israeli military raid in the Jenin refugee camp when she was shot in the face and killed. She was wearing a blue protective vest and helmet, both clearly marking her as press.

In a video showing the immediate aftermath of Shireen being shot, a man can be heard yelling, “injured! Shireen, Shireen, oh man, Shireen! Ambulance!” Al Jazeera journalist Shatha Hanaysha, also wearing a helmet and vest marked as press, can be seen crouching down trying to reach Shireen but being forced back by Israeli gunfire. The soldiers “did not stop firing even after she collapsed,” Hanaysha said. “I couldn’t even extend my arm to pull her because of the shots. The army was adamant on shooting to kill.”

Following Shireen’s death at their hands, the Israeli military said on Twitter that they were investigating the possibility that Shireen had been killed “by Palestinian armed gunfire.” However, documentation by Israel’s largest human rights organization B’tselem, shows that this was not the case. Israeli military spokesperson Kochav Ran on Army radio accused Shireen and her colleagues of being “ armed with cameras” and Israel’s Foreign Ministry offered to conduct a joint investigation with the Palestinian Authority into Shireen’s “sad death.”

We know all too well from previous times the Israeli military has “investigated themselves” that such actions are a farce. We call for the immediate suspension of U.S. military aid to Israel and a thorough and impartial investigation of Shireen’s murder.

Please see that justice is obtained for Shireen Abu Akleh. 


Your friends can sign here: