Bloombergville in full swing in NYC

A message from the people at Bloombergville:

We are not leaving until Bloomberg’s budget is dead! Join us and SLEEP OUT, SPEAK UP AND FIGHT BACK AGAINST BUDGET CUTS! They cut taxes for the rich and slash public services because “there’s no money”? Bloomberg is killing New York! To stop teacher firings, firehouse closings and cuts to libraries, daycare, CUNY and more, we’re going to be sleeping outside City Hall and protesting to make our voices heard for as long as it takes. JOIN US ANY TIME OF THE DAY OR NIGHT. MAKE BIG BANKS AND MILLIONAIRES PAY!

Follow Bloombergville on the web at and Facebook at and Twitter at #beyondmay12 and email Bloombergville at

Transportation: Take the 4, 5 or 6 trains to Brooklyn Bridge-City Hall

ENDORSED BY (list in formation) BOPM Bail Out the People Movement, Coalition for the Homeless, Community Voices Heard, Democracia Real Ya, Democratic Socialists of America, Freedom Party, Green Party, International Socialist Organization, NYABC New Yorkers Against the Budget Cuts, Organization for a Free Society, Our Schools NYC, Peoples Video Network, Picture the Homeless, Social Workers for a Free CUNY, Solidarity, South Bronx Community Congress.


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