Call For Submissions: Anthology Of Voices From 2011 Wisconsin Uprising!/event.php?eid=212265808831081

The Rise Up! Wisconsin Collective

Call for Submissions: Anthology showcasing radical and progressive stories and voices from the 2011 Wisconsin Uprising

The Rise Up! Wisconsin Collective invites you to submit to an anthology which will give expression to the diverse origins and broad participation in the struggle for Wisconsin’s future. Since Gov. Walker’s assault on us all, there has been increased media attention on our state be…cause of the mass protests by organized labor, community groups, and students. Recent attention has turned to the electoral field as recall elections proceed. But very little is being written or published that approaches the politics and history of Wisconsin’s popular uprising through a radical lens. By “radical,” we mean getting at the root of a problem and transforming it into a community we can all participate in and be a part of. It also means viewing the assault by the Republicans and corporations as tied to the restructuring of global capitalism, and the parallel movements for survival by Wisconsin’s marginalized communities.

Our hope is to create an anthology that illuminates the origins of Wisconsin’s popular struggle as a consequence of interlocking grassroots work. We are especially interested in hearing from progressive workers as well as organizers from immigrant, indigenous and communities of color, LGBT, disability and women’s communities. What we hope to show is that this is not just a “union” struggle, in a restrictive sense, but a struggle to redefine progressive politics itself.

Ideas for submissions could include:

first-person accounts
blog entries
visual art work
sticker designs
oral histories

Please send submissions and a short bio including contact information (name, email, or the best way to contact you) in Word or PDF as well as within the body of the text to: Please put “Rise Up! Wisconsin Anthology submission + [your last name]” in the subject line.

* We recommend keeping your submissions to under 10 pages – please contact us if you intend to submit something larger.
* We accept previously published work, but preference will be given to voices that have fewer resources for having their voice in print.

Deadline for Submission: October 1, 2011.

Please forward this call to those you think would be interested!

Madison August 25, 2011

Madison August 25, 2011

Protesting Walker, 8-26-11, Milwaukee

Protesting Walker, 8-26-11, Milwaukee


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