Protest Scott Walker in Riverwest (Milwaukee) Friday, August 26!/event.php?eid=265336653493632

Scott Walker is invading Riverwest! Please join us and our community allies on Friday, Aug. 26, at 12:00 pm, across the street from Messmer Prep on Fratney and Burleigh in Milwaukee.

We will be there in defense of worker and immigrant rights and to demand money human needs, not war.

No cuts in services! Make the Banks, Corporations & Pentagon pay!!

Public JOBS program NOW!


We Need JOBS Not Hate, Say NO to Nazi Hate, Counter-Rally Saturday, Sept. 3, 2011

We need UNITY to fight Gov. Walker’s union-busting

We need JOBS not hate

Nazi scum are coming to West Allis on Sept. 3. They want to spread their poison to divide working and poor people.

It wasn’t African Americans who shut down Allis-Chamers and destroyed thousands of jobs. Immigrant workers aren’t responsible for closing American Motors. A.O. Smith and dozens of other factories in Milwaukee County.

Billionaires did that. It’s the billonaire Koch Brothers who are financing Gov. Walker’s anti-union campaign. Hitler destroyed German unions.

The wealthy and powerful want to get rid of Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and everything else we’ve won in the last 75 years. That’s what the budget fight in Washington D.C. is all about.

The only weapon we have to defend our unions, to fight foreclosures and evictions, is our unity. Like the Tea Party bigots who support Walker, the Nazi’s are doing the dirty work of big business.

Don’t let the Nazi be unopposed when they come to West Allis. Defend the unity that brought a hundred thousand people to Madison to fight the union buster Walker.

Say NO to racism. We need jobs, not hate. Join the counter-rally against the Nazi’s.

Say NO to the Nazi Hate rally

Saturday, September 3, 1 p.m.

West Allis City Hall

7525 W. Greenfield Avenue (Take the 18 or 76 bus)

Contact the WI BOPM at: 313-559-7074 or email:

English Flyer:

Spanish Flyer:

11 x 17 poster:

JOBS Not Hate!

JOBS Not Hate!