San Diego Labor Council Comes Out in Support of Occupy San Diego


OCTOBER 3, 2011

Editor: We have just received this Statement of Support by the San Diego Labor Council for the Occupy San Diego movement and its efforts.

From Lorena Gonzalez, the San Diego and Imperial County Labor Council’s Secretary-Treasurer, regarding the “Occupy Wall Street” and “Occupy San Diego” campaigns that we look forward to participating in:

“The San Diego and Imperial Counties Labor Council, AFL-CIO is proud support the “Occupy Wall Street” and associated “Occupy San Diego” efforts. As a coalition of local unions, we work hard to remind media, elected officials, our members and the general public that the economic crises too many people are facing today were not caused by the third-grade teacher, the grocery clerk, the sanitation worker or the firefighter.

Our economic crisis was caused by the greed on Wallstreet, CEO’s whose pay is 300 times that of their average worker and big banks who have caused a foreclosure nightmare for middle and working class Americans.

We will stand with those who seek to bring attention to the real economic problems that regular San Diegans and Americans face.”

Lorena Gonzalez


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