Houston’s Labor Council Endorses Occupy Houston

The following Resolution was passed by the Harris County AFL-CIO Council last night.  Several Occupy Houston folks visited the meeting and Dustin Phipps from Occupy Houston addressed the Delegates explaining its goals and asked for Labor’s support.
Richard C. Shaw, Secretary-Treasurer, Harris County AFL-CIO Council.
Resolution in Support of Occupy Houston
Whereas, Occupy Houston’s goal is the end the corporate corruption of our democracy, and,
Whereas, Occupy Houston is demonstrating its message on a daily basis and,
Whereas, Occupy Houston has also joined with Good Jobs = Great Houston, Houston Interfaith Worker Justice in support of good jobs, the American Jobs Act, and
Whereas, the AFL-CIO, and many of its affiliated Unions are supporting similar “Occupy” events on Wall Street and in other cities in Texas and across the country,
Therefore be it resolved, that the Harris County AFL-CIO Council go on record of supporting Occupy Houston and its messages of ending corporate corruption of our democracy and standing up for workers and jobs.

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