Series Of Protest Actions To Kill Racist, Anti-Worker WI Legislature Bills!/event.php?eid=241283155920946

Occupy The Hood and numerous labor-community-student supporters are continuing their campaign to kill bills in the Wisconsin State Assembly and Senate that target convicted felons. The bills, known as AB 286 and SB 207, would essentially make convicted felons indentured servants of big-business. Due to the institutional racism of U.S. society and in particular the prison-industrial complex, people of color would be the hardest hit by these bills. With this legislation employers could legally threaten and fire workers convicted of a felony for any reason (and especially if they voiced opposition to negative working conditions or tried to organize a union).  Employers could fire outright and this legislation has no recourse for felons to sue for discrimination. Thus as with anti-immigrant legislation, these bills are a dire threat to all workers; employers would be given yet another club to drive down all workers’ wages. This Jim Crow, slave labor legislation must be opposed and stopped. Over the next week a series of actions aimed at killing both bills are taking place throughout Wisconsin:

Saturday, Oct. 29

12 Noon, Lincoln Park, Milwaukee

Speakers from the L.U.V. Brigade, Occupy The Hood and others will explain the slave labor legislation and distribute leaflets of upcoming actions. There will also be many joining the planned march who will be hoisting signs opposing the legislation.


Sunday, Oct. 30

Labor-Student-Community members will be fanning out across Milwaukee to leaflet the city about upcoming actions to oppose the legislation. Meet at 9:30 a.m. and 4 p.m. at the Urban Underground, 4850 W. Fondulac Avenue to get leaflets and to join with others to leaflet.


Monday, Oct. 31

Milwaukee County Board, County Budget Hearing

7 p.m. @ Washington Park Senior Center

4420 W. Vliet Street, Milwaukee


Tuesday, Nov. 1

Jobs Now will be protesting Scott Walker at Lambeau Field to demand jobs. Members will also be distributing fliers about the slave labor legislation and demanding of Walker that if the bills are passed that he not sign them into law. 10:30 a.m., Green Bay, Lambeau Field.

**Also, Nov. 1

Racine Interfaith Council meeting

2915 W. Wright Avenue, Racine 7-8 p.m.

Labor-Student-Community members will leaflet this event with information about the bills and also speak about the the bills negative impacts.


Wednesday, Nov. 2

People’s Hearing To Oppose AB 286 and SB 207

The people’s request for a public hearing was denied by the WI Senate. Thus the people are holding their own community hearing. Testimonies at the meeting will be recorded and sent to Madison. Free and open to the public. Family members of those convicted of a felony (ies) are especially invited to attend to testify how this legislation would negatively impact entire neighborhoods and communities.

6 p.m., Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU) Hall

734 N. 26th. Street, (and Wisconsin Avenue) Milwaukee

For more information: 414-342-4300.


Oct. 28 press conference at Urban Underground with participants opposing AB 286 and SB 207

Oct. 28 press conference at Urban Underground in Milwaukee with participants opposing AB 286 and SB 207.

Oct. 28 press conference at Urban Underground in Milwaukee with participants opposing AB 286 and SB 207.

Oct. 28 press conference at Urban Underground in Milwaukee with participants opposing AB 286 and SB 207.

An Injury To One Is An Injury To All!

Fight Or Starve!


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