Stop The Attacks On Dreamers: Two Sit In Jail In Georgia, Need Your Calls


If you’re following us on Facebook then you’ve probably already heard about Emilio and Erick, if not here’s the scoop. Both Emilio and Erick are teens from Georgia, both are DREAM Act eligible, and both are currently sitting in a jail cell awaiting transfer to ICE custody.

Each of them were pulled over by the sheriff’s office and that’s what landed them in custody.  Emilio’s case seems like profiling to us; he was pulled over for an expired tag which turned out to be valid for another month! Attorneys working on their cases will figure out the details but right now we need your help to make sure ICE drops its immigration hold on both of these teens. It should be easy if ICE is honest in telling us they do not want to detain DREAMers, right?

Will you join us in making 100 calls to get Erick and Emilio out of jail and back with their families?

Call-in number: 1-800-394-5855 or 202-732-3000 or 202-732-3100

Sample Script: “Hi, I am calling to ask that ICE lift its hold on Erick Lara (inmate #914358) and Emilio Castro (inmate #914405). Both of them are DREAM Act eligible and are being held by the Cobb County Sheriff’s Office in Georgia. Please lift your ICE hold so these DREAMers can go home to their families.”

**The person who answers may try to get rid of you by sending you to a different number. If so, be persistent, tell them you simply wish to leave the message with them and give them Erick’s and Emilio’s inmate numbers.

In n the last month we were able to get David, Cesar, and Gustavo out of detention. Now let’s make sure Emilio and Erick do not even get inside a center, no one should go through the trauma of that. Our goal for today is 100 calls for Emilio and Erick and we know we can count on you to help us reach that goal.

Oh, one last favor. After you call reply to this e-mail and tell us how it went so we can keep a tally.

Thank you for your help.

Maria Marroquin

P.S.   On twitter? Send this simple message: #DREAMAct youth spent Xmas in jail. Tell @wwwicegov to lift #ICEhold on Erick & Emilio to get them out. @dreamact


Occupy Riverwest (Milwaukee) Sponsors: ‘Roccupy the Public House’ Jan. 14

Riverwest bands Floor Model and Danny Price and the Loose Change are headlining a benefit show for the Occupy Wall Street Movement in Milwaukee and in support of the final push for signatures on the Recall Walker campaign. Roccupy the Public House will be taking place on the final weekend to gather signatures. Come support these great efforts as well as listen to some great live local music!

Riverwest Public House

815 E Locust Street

Milwaukee, WI

8-11:30 p.m.