UW-Milwaukee March 1: ‘National Day of Action for Education Rights’


12-4 p.m., UWM Union Concourse/Spaights’ Plaza

SDS in cooperation with other student and worker groups on campus are holding a rally starting in the UWM Concourse, with a March out to Spaights’ Plaza to raise awareness and make demands regarding education rights on our campus. College campuses throughout the country will be conducting actions as well. It’s imperative that now more than ever we stand up and demand education rights, as tuition is set to go up another 5.5% every year. According to a recent news released by WUWM radio, Walker and state lawmakers have decided to cut another $46 million from the UW System after having already cut $250 million with the passing of the Budget “repair” bill. According to a recent UWM Post Article, Chancellor Lovell does not seem all that interested in keeping tuition costs down either. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE. When education rights are under attack, we must stand up and fight back!

Jan. 26, 2012 at UW-Milwaukee.


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