Judge orders May 15 Trial for Carlos Montes! We need your help

From the Committee to Stop FBI Repression:


— At court on April 26, the judge ordered a trial to begin May 15
for Carlos Montes. The legal charges are a pretext to attack Carlos for his political activism, and stem from the national FBI targeting of anti-war and international solidarity activists. Carlos Montes is a longtime Los Angeles anti-war, immigrant rights and Chicano civil rights activist.

— Funds are urgently needed for Carlos’ legal defense.
At the April 26 hearing, the judge refused to dismiss the charges against Carlos on the basis of discriminatory prosecution due to his activism, so a full-blown trial will begin on May 15. Trials are expensive. Click here to donate.

— Join Carlos in court the week of May 15

All Out for the Trial!
Plan on attending all or part of this important trial – it will take several days.

The trial will start Tuesday, May 15 8 a.m.

Criminal Courts Building, 13th floor, Department 100
210 West Temple Avenue
Los Angeles, CA

— Soon, we will send out info for a pressure campaign targeting the Los Angeles District Attorney.


Carlos Montes


May Day 2012 Events in Wisconsin, Milwaukee & Madison


MILWAUKEE, Sunday – April 29, 2012 – 12:30 pm
Assemble at the corner of 5th and Washington, March to Veteran’s Park to Rally
Special guest speaker, Congressman Luis Gutierrez (IL)
and Headlining Cultural Guest Kinto Sol

– Stop Separating Families! Stop the Deportations!
– Good Jobs, Not cuts to Badgercare and public education!
– Restore Drivers License and in-state tuition for immigrants!
– Defend Voting Rights!

To get leaflets and posters, to access a state-wide bus schedule and for more information:

Sponsored by Voces de la Frontera and Youth Empowered in the Struggle (Yes)



5 P.M. State Capitol


WI BOPM is a member of the May 1st Coalition for Worker and Immigrant Rights which is sponsoring a “May Day 2012: A Day Without the 99%” rally in Union Square on May Day:




WI BOPM May Day 2012 Placard:


This PDF is letter size. It should be blown up TO 205 % for an 18 x 24 inch placard.


May Day, A Short History – Philip S. Foner / http://www.illinoislaborhistory.org/store/index.php?app=ecom&ns=prodshow&ref=MayDay


April 28: Solidarity Rally in Ashland for Machinists on Strike

Community rally in support of 43 Ashland Machinist Workers who are on strike In protest of union busting proposal.





Saturday, April 28 an important worker support rally will be held in Ashland in support of 43 brave machinist union members who went on strike to show their opposition to proposed right to work language that will destroy the union. The company is insisting on this non economic language and is in the process of hiring replacement workers.

These courageous workers are not striking for themselves but are standing tall on behalf of a cause larger than them. Throughout our history workers have struggled hard to have unions to ensure decent working conditions and work for laws to guarantee fair treatment on their jobs. It has never been easy but those who carried the burden of sacrifice passed on a better life to the rest of society. They fought for justice, fair treatment, equal opportunity and family values. These workers are standing for the same purpose.

There is a clear right to work movement that is starting to gain hold in Wisconsin that is designed to break the unions and erode economic security and workplace protections. Just as this employer is using the contract to insert union busting language Scott Walker used the Budget Repair bill as a Trojan horse to insert union busting language. Recently, Manitowoc Crane demanded similar right to work language in recent contract negotiations.

For almost one month these workers and their families have made a huge sacrifice in this stand against the union busting proposal. The entire community and region need to show them our admiration and support. These Ashland employees represent the best of the American worker. It is their work ethic and skill that makes America great and we owe them our thanks and support.

The rally will begin at noon and run until 4:00 at Pearson Plaza on Highway 2 in Ashland. There will be food, music and plenty of opportunity to show our support. They have taken a brave stand. This rally will provide the chance for us to celebrate solidarity with these workers and their families.