ICE Don’t Detain Izlia

Izlia is currently sitting in jail, she was told she would be picked up by ICE this morning, Wednesday the 25th, and transferred to the Tacoma Detention Center hundreds of miles away.

We have a very short window to get ICE to realize its mistake in detaining another DREAMer, help us get the word out and make sure Izlia doesn’t spend even a second in detention!


1. Call ICE – John Morton: 202.732.3000 or 202-732-3100

Sample Script: “I am calling to ask that Izlia Luna (A# 205-297-501) be released from Josephine County Jail in Oregon. Izlia has no criminal record, she is being told she will be sent to ICE today! Please release Izlia immediately so she doesn’t have to spend any time away from her family in detention!.”

2. Sign Izlia’s petition, each signature is sent directly to President Obama’s administration.

If Izlia is transferred to the detention center then it could be weeks or months before she is reunited with her family, if she isn’t deported before that. In the past your call has made a difference, let’s see if we can do it again!

Thank you for helping my friend.

Diana Banda
Oregon DreamActivist


CeCe McDonald Supporters Meet with Hennepin County Attorney Michael Freeman

Freeman says “The criminal justice system is not built for, nor is it good at, solving a lot of society’s problems.”

Contact: Katie Burgess, Executive Director, Trans Youth Support Network,, (612) 363-757 and Billy Navarro Jr, MN Transgender Health Coalition,, (612) 823-1152

Minneaplis, MN – After initially refusing a meeting, Hennepin County Attorney Michael Freeman and members of his staff agreed to meet with McDonald’s family and supporters on Tuesday afternoon. Hours before Tuesday’s meeting, Freeman’s office issued a letter to McDonald’s supporters defending his decision to charge her with two counts of second degree murder. During the meeting, Freeman cited his office’s 3-hour staff training in 2010 and a lesbian employee to demonstrate his awareness of the issues facing LGBTQ people. Supporters cited a petition with over 14,500 signatures and letters from over 35 local and national organizations, including the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, the National Coalition of Anti-violence Programs, and Outfront Minnesota, to demonstrate the international concern over his ongoing prosecution of McDonald.

Freeman’s letter made special note of his office’s longstanding relationship with LGBT organization Outfront Minnesota. Cheré Suzette Bergeron, who attended today’s meeting as Outfront Minnesota’s Anti-Violence Program Coordinator, told Freeman, “It is deeply troubling that you have not responded to our letter asking why charges are being pressed in this case when they have been dropped in similar cases,” and reiterated Outfront Minnesota’s concern over Freeman’s treatment of McDonald.

Freeman was adamant that gender, race, sexual orientation, and class do not play into his prosecution decisions.  Supporters repeatedly stated that these factors have been at play in every moment of CeCe’s case, from the initial attack she experienced through her arrest and current incarceration. Lex Horan, a Support Committee member stated, “Freeman described the incident as a neutral conflict between two groups of people in the street.  He refuses to acknowledge that CeCe was attacked because of her race and gender. Claiming colorblindness in this case doesn’t make Freeman objective; it makes him ignorant of the reality facing transgender women of color.”

In a letter to Freeman, the National Coalition of Anti-violence Programs noted that they have responded to three murders of transgender women in April alone. McDonald supporter Billy Navarro Jr made note of this statistic and said, “So many transgender women of color are attacked and violently killed.  In this case, CeCe is basically being prosecuted for surviving.”

Rai’vyn Cross, McDonald’s sister, closed the 30-minute meeting by saying, “We’re not going to get justice.” Indeed, Freeman himself had acknowledged earlier in the meeting, “The criminal justice system is not built for, nor is it good at, solving a lot of society’s problems.” Support Committee members agreed with this assessment of the criminal legal system, but contended that prosecuting McDonald condones violence against transgender women of color and makes problems plaguing society, including racism, sexism, and transphboia, worse.

McDonald was scheduled to have a pretrial evidenciary hearing Tuesday morning at 9 am. About forty of McDonald’s supporters arrived to demonstrate their support in the courtroom. However, the hearing was continued to Friday, April at 9 am.  McDonald’s trial is scheduled to begin Monday, April 30th.


CeCe McDonald


New WI BOPM Placards

Jobs Now: Make The Banks Pay

Bail Out The People Not The Banks

NOTE: The above are 8 1/2 x 11. Fold over. Place on a copier. Blow up to 200% of the original to fit 11″ x 17″ paper. The two panels that result will together make a 22″ x 17″ sign on a posterboard, cardboard etc.

At a Chase Bank protest during the U.S. Social Forum (USSF) in Detroit June 2010.


New United National Antiwar Coalition (UNAC) Announcements About NATO Protests in Chicago

Jesse Jackson Supports the May 20th Demonstration against NATO and the G8.

Yesterday, a very important press conference was held in Chicago.  At the press conference, Jesse Jackson gave his support to the May 20th demonstration and urged people to attend.  Also attending the press conference were leaders of the National Nurses United union, the C hicago Teacher’s Union, Occupy Chicago, and the Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW).  The IVAW representative told the large number of media representatives that the demonstration will include a ceremony at which Afghanistan War veterans will return their medals to NATO.  Below are links to some of the news coverage of the press conference.

Rev. Jesse Jackson marching with postal workers in Detroit August 2010.–natosummit-jackson,0,336191.story,0,6282036.story–NATO-Summit-Jackson/

Take the Peace Train to Chicago

We have worked out a 10% discount with AMTRAK for anyone traveling to the Chicago demonstration on May 20.  You can use this discount to travel to and from Chicago on an AMTRK train from anywhere in the country during the period from May 17 to May 23.  To get the special rate, you need to make a reservation and give them the “Convention fare code number of X50K-949.”  If they ask you what organization you are from, it is UNAC.   AMTRAK fares go up the closer it gets to the day of departure.  So, to get the lowest fare, it is best to reserve a seat as soon as possible.  There are other discounts for seniors and youth that may be cheaper.

May 20 Demonstration and the People’s Summit

Sunday, May 20, Chicago. SAY NO to the WAR and POVERTY AGENDA. Noon

rally at Petrillo Bandshell (corner of Jackson and Columbus), then

march to McCormick Place. (people’s Summit on May 12 & 13)
Join Jesse Jackson, SEIU Health Care Illinois/Indiana (HCII), UNAC,

Chicago Teachers Union, Kathy Kelly of Voices for Creative

Nonviolence, National Nurses United, United Electrical Workers Western

Region, Malik Mujahid of the Muslim Peace Coalition, Fellowship of

Reconciliation, Veterans for Peace, Glen Ford of Black Agenda Report,

Derrick O’Keefe of the Canadian Peace Alliance, Reiner Braun of the

No to War, No to NATO Network, Germany, Occupy Chicago, Iraq Veterans

Against the War, CANG8(Coalition Against NATO and the G8 War and Poverty Agenda)
and many others to oppose the NATO and G8 war and poverty agenda.

Mass demonstration on Sunday, May 20, the opening day of the NATO summit

Noon, join the permitted mass march and rally against the NATO and G8

war and poverty agenda. Noon rally at Petrillo Bandshell (corner of

Jackson and Columbus), then march to McCormick Place.

Speakers will include:

Jesse Jackson – Operation PUSH

Malalai Joya – former member of Afghan Parliament

Reiner Braun – No to War, No to NATO Network, Germany

Kathy Kelly – Voices for Creative Nonviolence

Vijay Prashad – author of Arab Spring, Libyan Winter

and more

For more information on the demonstration, go to:
People Summit, Saturday, May 12 and Sunday May 13 at Occupy Chicago.

There will be plenary and workshop sessions and panels. Speakers will


Malalai Joya – former member of Afghan Parliament

Reiner Braun – No to War, No to NATO Network, Germany

Malik Mujahid – Muslim Peace Coalition

Kathy Kelly – Voices for Creative Nonviolence

Col. Ann Wright – Quit army in protest of Iraq War

Medea Benjamin – Code Pink

Mumia Abu Jamal (message)

and more

for more information on the Peoples’ Summit, click here

click here to donate to UNAC

Click here for the Facebook UNAC group.


April 25, Milwaukee: Voces de la Frontera Press Conference on Voter ID and May Day 2012

APRIL 24, 2012
CONTACT: JOE SHANSKY (414) 218-3331
Tomorrow: Press Conference on Voces May Day March, As US Supreme Court Begins Landmark Ruling on SB 1070

National immigrant rights leader Congressman Luis Gutierrez (IL) to speak at May Day March in Milwaukee

WHO: Voces de la Frontera and Immigrant Families
WHAT: Press Conference to Announce May Day Solidarity March
WHERE: Voces de la Frontera, 1027 S. 5th Street, Milwaukee
WHEN: Wednesday April 25th, 11 am

Tomorrow, April 25th, the U.S. Supreme Court will begin to hear arguments on Arizona’s controversial anti-immigrant law in United States vs. Arizona.  The court’s landmark ruling, expected in June, will determine whether our nation will uphold the historic gains of the civil rights movement or revert back to a pre-civil rights era of second-class citizenship where states will be allowed to treat people differently because of the way they look or speak, even if they have been American citizens all their lives.

On that same day, Voces de la Frontera will host a press conference to announce our May Day Solidarity march as a call to action to join this national movement, and in alliance with marches and rallies across the country.  We will also announce the schedule for the rally for May Day.

In recognition of Wisconsin’s role as a national battleground state, Congressman Luis Gutierrez (IL) will speak at the state-wide rally at Veteran’s Park in Milwaukee on April 29th. Congressman Gutierrez has been at the forefront of the effort to pass historic comprehensive immigration reform legislation, as well as raise the visibility of the toll of mass deportations on immigrant families.

Voces de la Frontera has consistently organized some of the largest May Day marches in the country since 2006 and in the state’s history, ranging from 30,000-100,000 attendees.  
In this election year, we march to demand justice in the highest court and an end to the cruel immigration enforcement policies that continue to separate loving immigrant families.

-Christine Neumann-Ortiz, Executive Director of Voces de la Frontera
-Emilio De Torre, ACLU of Wisconsin
-Paulino Valle, immigrant refugee from Arizona who escaped persecution under SB-1070
-Student Representative from Youth Empowered in the Struggle (YES)

***Full info on the Milwaukee May Day March can be found at  Please note that this year the march will be held on Sunday, April 29th.

For interviews, please contact the number above.