Detroit: Protest Ms. Jennifer Britt’s Eviction; Call Flagstar Bank

Tell Flagstar Bank:

Keep Jennifer Britt and her Family

in Their Home!

Protest Jennifer’s Eviction Hearing

Friday, June 1st at 10:00 a.m.

Outside 36th District Court, 421 Madison Avenue, Detroit

Since her husband died in 2006,  Jennifer Britt has struggled to save her home in Detroit’s Rosedale Park, where she lives with her son, daughter, mother and uncle.

With money from her husband’s life insurance policy, she paid Flagstar Bank $26,000 to avoid default. When Flagstar raised the monthly mortgage payment from $1,050 to $1,550, she continued paying. After she lost her job in 2008, Flagstar raised the monthly payment to $1,950 and Jennifer continued paying until she had no savings left. The bank foreclosed on her in 2010.

Jennifer has paid more than $40,000 to Flagstar over the years, only to face higher and higher monthly payments. Now that Flagstar has bled her family dry, it’s poised to kick them out of their home.

Jennifer now has a job and could make reasonable mortgage payments if the bank agreed to work with her. There is no reason why Jennifer and her family should be evicted from their home, only to leave another vacant house in Detroit.

Rally at Jennifer’s Home Saturday, June 9 at 4pm, 15701 Warwick

(corner of Midland, south of Grand River, half mile west of Southfield Fwy)

Call Flagstar Bank, 248-312-2000

Tell Joseph Campanelli, CEO, to help Jennifer Britt and her family keep their home

Contact us at:

Come to our meetings:
Thursdays at 6 p.m., 5900 Michigan Avenue in Detroit

Ms. Jennifer Britt


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