Tell PNC Bank to Negotiate Immediately with Yin Wong to Stop Foreclosure

Yin Wong is a 64 year old disabled woman fighting eviction in San Francisco. She’s lived in her home since 2001 and never missed a mortgage payment. Her payments were automatically deducted from her bank account and sent to the lender. Originally, her mortgage was with National City Bank, then PNC (Pittsburgh National Corporation) bought National City lock stock and barrel in 2008 but no one ever told Yin to change where her payments were to be sent. The first notice she ever got was a November 2009  foreclosure notice from PNC accompanied by a returned payment from First National. She tried to pay, but they refused her payment. With the help of community organizations and now Occupy, she’s been fighting ever since. Now she’s scheduled to be evicted this coming Wednesday.

Could this have something to do with the fact that with the new high-tech boom, San Francisco real estate prices have started to rise again? We don’t know, but we’re asking people to call PNC at the numbers and with the message below:

* PNC CEO James E. Rohr right now at 412-762-2294 (may transfer to
Executive Complaint Office voicemail) or 412-963-6133 (home)
* PNC Bank President William Demchak at 917-348-1173 (cell)
* PNC Senior Vice President Thomas Hyland at 212-527-3938
* PNC Bank Vice President of Corporate Communications Fred Solomon at

“Please negotiate immediately with San Francisco resident Yin Wong and her daughter Wai Cheung (PNC mortgage customer loan #0002043106) about how to keep their family in their Bayview home. After PNC purchased their mortgage loan from National City Mortgage, they received no notification of the purchase so their EFT payment didn’t make it to PNC, which rapidly foreclosed on their home and has tried several times to evict them. They have always been prepared to pay their mortgage, so please negotiate with them and settle this matter fairly.”

For updated information see:


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