LGBTQ People Are Part of 99%! – National Call for a LGBTQ Contingent at March on Wall Street South

This is a National Call to Build a LGBTQ contingent for the March on Wall St South. Please forward widely as possible to all online lists and social media sources to spread the word and get endorsements. Thank you!

LGBTQ people are part of 99%!  –   A National Call to LGBTQ people from LGBTQ members of the Coalition to March on Wall St. South, to build a National LGBTQ Contingent

Sunday, September 2, 2012 Charlotte, North Carolina

We demand equal access to employment, housing, healthcare and education discrimination NOW! Equal Rights Now!

Show Your Outrage over Passing of North Carolina’s Anti-LGBTQ Marriage Amendment 1!

Free LGBTQ activists CeCe McDonald& Bradley Manning!

To Become an Endorser email

LGBTQ People need Equal Rights and Economic Justice


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