Support Strike Fund for Walmart Warehouse Workers / Oct. 1 Action in Elgin, IL

From a Sept. 27 email from the Walmart Warehouse Workers Organizing Committee:

We are warehouse workers from Elwood, Illinois where we move goods to the rest of the country for the nation’s largest retailer, Walmart. We are asking for your support in our fight for better jobs.

As it is now, we never know how long our shifts will be or even if we have a job at all. When we do get work, we often have wages stolen and can be fired for any reason, at any time. Many of us have been injured by broken equipment and heavy boxes, have become ill from harmful dust, and management often harasses and discriminates against women. With our livelihoods at stake, we cannot afford the fear of retaliation when reporting these grievances.

While working for poverty wages with no benefits, we could no longer take it. A group of us approached management with a list of our concerns including retaliation towards a co-worker who is suing over stolen wages. In response, management in the Walmart warehouse drove a forklift into our group forcing us to scatter or be hit, and then they threatened us and fired our leaders. That’s when we walked off the job in protest of these unfair labor practices.

Our work is invisible, and so are the horrible conditions we work under, but we need your help to expose what is happening at the Walmart warehouse and keep up our strike.  We are growing and together we can put a stop to the abuse in Walmart’s distribution centers.

Please support our fight by contributing to our strike fund and signing our petition.

In struggle,
Warehouse Workers Organizing Committee

Walmart warehouse workers and supporters.


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