All Out for Oct. 5-7: End The Wars At Home & Abroad

Sunday, October 7 is the 11th anniversary of the war on Afghanistan.  UNAC has called for actions throughout the country around the weekend of October 5 – 7 to protest our continued war on Afghanistan and the threats of war directed at Iran and Syria (Please see the entire list of actions below–also available at

We also want use this anniversary to protest the war at home.  The U.S. has spent an estimated 4 trillion dollars on the wars abroad, which instead could have been used for education, healthcare, housing, and other human needs.  The increased national security atmosphere caused by the wars has meant ever increasing, racist attacks on Muslims, immigrants and communities of color.

Add your actions planned for October 5th – 7th to the list by emailing information to or going to  Or join an action in your area.

Click here to download the UNAC call for action on the weekend of Oct. 5-7, the anniversary of the war on Afghanistan

United National Anti-War Coalition (UNAC) delegation at anti-NATO march in Chicago May 20, 2012.


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