Help Give Sly the Mic

From the United Steelworkers:

Sisters and brothers,

In today’s corporate-controlled world, you know how important it is to have workers’ voices, views and issues covered in the media. That’s why we are asking you to take a moment to demand that progressive talk show host John “Sly” Sylvester gets back on the air.

Sly, and the entire staff at Madison, Wisconsin-based WTDY, was fired over the Thanksgiving holiday with no notice.  You can help by calling 92.1 The Mic at 608-274-5450 and tell them that you want Sly in the Morning back on the air.

You can also sign a petition that will be delivered to the management team at Clear Channel by clicking here. Or send Clear Channel and email by clicking here.

Finally, give Sly some support on his Facebook page here, and pass the word.

Progressive shows support working families and we can’t afford to have our voices silenced. Please help today.

Thanks for all you do.



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