Solidarity Letter for ILA from the Bangladesh Garments and Industrial Workers Federation and the Bangladesh Center for Workers Solidarity

Excerpts of solidarity letter:

To make matters worse, companies like Walmart have refused to take responsibility by stating that they were not directly connected to the Tazreen factory. This is only a cruel joke to our workers in this moment. It is shameful that Walmart, the world’s largest employer, would try avoid responsibility and any attempt to prevent a fire like this from happening again. Your action obstructs their attempt to ignore this tragedy and reaffirms the need for them confront the industry’s issues in an honest way. You are helping to hold them accountable!

We not only thank you for this bold step you chose to make today, but applaud your determination and courage in doing so. To disrupt the movement of goods today will further prove workers’ inherent power within the supply chain. Also, in acting in solidarity you are showing the potential of this power to work across the world and confirming that we are all in this fight together.

Thank you for standing in solidarity with us.

At the Charleston, South Carolina port Dec. 20. 2012.

At the Charleston, South Carolina port Dec. 20. 2012.


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