IAC Statement for National Week of Solidarity with Venezuela & President Hugo Chavez

Statement in PDF: http://tinyurl.com/b3kobeo

International Action Center
www.iacenter.org 212-633-6646
Founded by Ramsey Clark, former U.S. Attorney General

For Immediate Release:
Press Contact: Tony Murphy 347-602-1584


Progressive & Anti-war Movement vows to stand with the Bolivarian Revolution &
to oppose any US destabilization efforts

From January 22 to January 31, activists in ten cities across the U.S. will hold various events in solidarity with Venezuela.

The week of solidarity was initiated by the International Action Center in response to the health crisis of Venezuela’s President, Hugo Rafael Chavez Frías, to send messages of good wishes to the President as well as to express solidarity with the people of Venezuela and its Bolivarian Revolution. In addition, the Week of Solidarity will send a message to President Barack Obama that the progressive movement is on the alert to oppose any possible intervention or destabilization efforts.

The IAC along with many progressive organizations including the Alliance for Global Justice, Alberto Lovera Bolivarian Circle, Cuba Solidarity New York, HondurasUSAresistencia, and many others are sponsoring the week of actions. As co-coordinator of UNAC (United National Anti-War Coalition), Joe Lombardo stated we “….sincerely hope for the swift recovery of the President and pledge UNAC’s opposition to any attempt to use President Chavez’s illness as an excuse to overturn the will of the Venezuelan people.  We will oppose all attempts on the part of the U.S. government to overturn the gains of Venezuelan society under President Chavez and all economic, military or other intervention in Venezuela.”

“This is a main message from all the sponsoring organizations” states IAC Co-Director Teresa Gutierrez. “The media in the U.S. attempts to delegitimize the election and the administration of President Chavez during this crisis, but there is no question that President Chavez was not only legally elected but is massively popular” said Gutierrez an organizer of the National Days. Hundreds of thousands of Venezuelans came out on Jan. 10 to show support for Chavez.

The Venezuelan Supreme Court ruled that President Chavez could be sworn in at a later date. Yet the wealthy opposition continues to call for new elections and to question who is running the country, which can only be interpreted as destabilization propaganda.

The elite is perpetually in opposition to Chavez and the Bolivarian Revolution.  Why? Because the wealth of the country, especially from its oil reserves is no longer filling the pockets of the rich or the banks but is going to uplift the Venezuelan masses.

A Counterpunch article reports “With regard to…social determinants of health indicators, Venezuela is now the country in the region with the lowest inequality level…having reduced inequality by 54%, poverty by 44%. UNESCO has recognized that illiteracy has been eliminated; furthermore, Venezuela is the 3rd county in the region whose population reads the most.”

No wonder the people support Chavez and the Revolution. The opposition has cancelled street demonstrations called for Jan. 23, showing how unpopular the ruling elite is in the country.

Events to be held include protests in Boston & Los Angeles; in Detroit the Venezuelan Consulate will be a guest speaker and in Tucson a Teach-in will be held. For dates and locations of all ten events visit www.iacenter or www.afgj.org.


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