Emergency – Stop the Eviction of S. Baxter Jones



S. Baxter Jones was a Detroit school teacher for over 20 years. He was in a car crash in 2005 and suffered traumatic brain injury. He is severely disabled. Mr. Jones fell behind on his mortgage while waiting for Social Security and his pension to be processed. He wrote to Wells Fargo explaining his situation and had a phone conference with them to discuss a loan modification.

Wells Fargo refused to work with Mr. Jones and went ahead with foreclosure, even though he started getting Social Security benefits. He faces imminent eviction from his home (where he has lived since 2002 in Jackson, Michigan).

Please ACT NOW! Call Wells Fargo and Fannie Mae to demand they stop the eviction of S. Baxter Jones and work with him to modify his loan so he can stay in his home.

LOAN # 025 301 6042       ADDRESS 8789 Rexford Road, Jackson, MI 49201

Fannie Mae Chicago Office: 312-368-6200

Fannie Mae Mortgage Help Center: 866-442-8572

Fannie Mae email: chicago_mhc@fanniemae.com

Wells Fargo Office of Executive Complaint: 800-853-8516

Issued by Moratorium NOW! Coalition to Stop Foreclosures (313) 680-5508


Honduras Solidarity Network, USA: ‘The Problem in Honduras is not the Human Rights Defenders’


February 20, 2013

Read full statement here: http://tinyurl.com/b4azums

“…The problem in Honduras is not the human rights defenders.
As international advocates for human rights and for social justice we look forward to the day that urgent actions, alerts, and accompaniment are no longer necessary in Honduras because the  harassment, violence and repression no longer exist.  Until that day, we shall not be intimidated, we will continue our work, and we will continue to support the courageous men and women in Honduras who defend human rights.”

Occupy Milwaukee Statement on Derek William’s Case

PDF of Release: http://tinyurl.com/at6joy2

February, 20 2013


For more information contact Peter Adamczak ptradamczak@gmail.com

The People Demand Justice for Derek Williams & Family

Occupy Milwaukee is writing this communication in regards to the Derek
Williams inquest. We are disappointed in Special Prosecutor John
Franke’s decision to not seek felony unintentional homicide charges
against officers directly involved in the death of Derek Williams
while in police custody.  Even if their actions did not directly cause
physical harm to Mr. Williams, their failure to heed his pleas for
help were just as much to blame.

The assertion that it is impossible to determine whether Mr. Williams
life could have been saved by medical intervention earlier in the
incident is nothing short of appalling, especially in light of the
fact that other testimony aside from those connected to MPD suggests
that Williams was yelling that he could not breathe before he was even
put into the squad car.  It seems that there is too much conflicting
testimony, thus too many unanswered questions. This being the case, it
is not acceptable to take felony charges off the table. In light of
this development we call for a continuation of actions in protest to
the death of Derek Williams in police custody, and the Milwaukee
Police Department in general.  We call for the following demands to be
met as well, and strongly encourage the community to spring into
action under these demands:

1. We demand that the officers be convicted and punished under the
full extent of the penalties allowed by the charges.

2. We demand that a full federal investigation into MPD and all cases
of deaths in custody and brutality be initiated, and that the
investigation is completely accessible to the public by whatever means

3. We demand that the officers are fired regardless of the outcome of
the trial. The testimony of the inquest clearly shows that the
officers acted in an unprofessional and negligent manner and therefore
must lose their jobs just like any other employee that fails to do
their job in the manner required of them.

4. There must be an investigation into whether or not Derek Williams’
civil rights were violated.

5. There must be more civilian oversight into MPD.

Occupy Milwaukee will continue to denounce MPD and continue actions
against the MPD until these demands are met.  Occupy Milwaukee also
stands by the Williams family through their ordeal.  The salaries of
MPD officers are paid by The People, therefore MPD is accountable to
The People.

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