March 6 & 8: Tributes to Pres. Hugo Chavez in NYC

The International Action Center urges you to attend these NYC events in honor of
President Hugo Chávez and in solidarity with the Venezuelan people:

Hugo Chávez Memorial Vigil

Wed., March 6 at 5 pm to 8 pm
Venezuelan Consulate
7 East 51st Street
near 5th Avenue, Manhattan

As many of you have heard, President Hugo Chávez passed away earlier yesterday. As a community, we would like to show our condolences, and our support towards the Venezuelan people, by having a vigil Wednesday, March 6 at the Venezuelan Consulate on 51st and 5th Ave. Wear red!

Furthermore, there have already been rumors of American intervention in Venezuela, as well as American officials being expelled due to suspicion of conspiracy. We would like to also denounce any intervention in the sovereignty of Venezuela, and exclaim that the future of Venezuela lies solely in the hands of the Venezuelan people.

A Celebration and Procession for
our Comrade Hugo Chávez

Fri., March 8 – 6:30pm
Gather at 1199 SEIU

310 West 43rd Street, Manhattan

Candlelight procession to the statue of Simon Bolivar in Central Park
Those who die for life cannot be called dead

A Celebration and procession for the life of our comrade Hugo Chávez,
an extraordinary human and revolutionary.
Your energy, love and example will not be forgotten.

The revolution will continue until there is liberation for all.


Join us and spread the word, show your solidarity and support in memory
of President Hugo Chávez and for the Bolivarian Revolution.

Si le temiste a su presencia cuando vivo, Cuando Muerto
ahora sentiras el significado de un Alma que brota en millones!

Maferefun Obatala.

Bring candles will walk to the statue of the Liberator Simon Bolivar in Central Park.

Traigan velas que caminaremos hasta la estatua del libertador Simon Bolivar en Parque Central.

Called by the Alberto Lovera Bolivarian Circle


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