Postal Workers & Labor-Community Allies Rally to Save Postal Service in Milwaukee, Madison and Green Bay

Photos at:

At a Save Six Day Mail Delivery rally sponsored by the Wisconsin State Association of Letter Carriers, over 250 postal workers, their families and allies from many unions including the Milwaukee Teacher Education Association, and labor-community organizations such as Voces de la Frontera and Bail out the People Movement, rallied in front of the West Milwaukee Post Office March 24. For two hours the workers and their supporters maintained a festive mood despite the blowing snow and cold, chanting “Ho, ho. hey, hey– We want our mail on Saturday!” which got a lot of supportive honks from passing cars.

Before the rally ended rally participants gathered to commemorate the work done everyday by postal workers for over two hundred years. In addition to Milwaukee, there were at least two other rallies in Wisconsin, one at the state Capital in Madison and one in Green Bay. That announcement drew many hoots and hollers of support before the crowd departed with many saying “We’ll be back!”


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