WI AFL-CIO: Madison, April 6, Conference on Representing Public Workers post Act 10

Brothers and Sisters,

You’re invited to Collective Bargaining and Collective Action: A Conference on Representing Wisconsin Public Workers Post-Act 10 on Saturday, April 6 at 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at the Anderson United Way Center, 2059 Atwood Avenue, Madison.

Sessions on:

•    New Models for Public Unions: How the Chicago Teachers Won in 2012
•    Legal Update on Litigation Related to Act 10
•    Where Are We? State, Regional and Local Union Leadership Strategic Discussions
•    New Models of Unions from the Private Sector: Organizing Walmart
•    Internal and External Organizing: Workers, Communities and Coalitions

Registration fee is $50 (half-price for retirees & unemployed). Space is limited! Pre-Registration Info: 608-262-2112 or register online at: http://schoolforworkers.uwex.edu/


Madison March 10, 2012. (Photo Jenna Pope)

Madison March 10, 2012. (Photo Jenna Pope)


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