Detroit, May 4: Public Rally & People’s Assembly to Save Detroit


Hear an analysis of how the banks swindled Detroit based on thousands of pages of documents on the bond deals obtained through a Freedom Of Information Act lawsuit by the Moratorium NOW! Coalition.

SATURDAY – MAY 4, 2013 – 1:00 PM
(at Grand Circus Park – Woodward Ave.)

  • THE BANKS OWE US – The big banks caused the financial crisis in Detroit with their racist, fraudulent, predatory mortgage loans that resulted in 237,000 people being driven out of the city as a result of losing their homes to foreclosures
  • PROSECUTE THE BANKS – They conspired with the rating agencies to manipulate interest rates, saddled Detroit with billions in penalties and continue to loot the city’s tax revenues to fatten their profits. The same banks refuse to pay taxes on the properties they seized ($50 million last year alone).
  • FIGHT THE EMERGENCY MANAGER – The EM’s job is to make sure that the criminal bankers are paid first – it’s spelled out in the law. Wages, city services, pensions, Belle Isle, the Water Department are all to be slashed or sold to pay off the $16.9 billion in debt service, $4.9 billion of which is interest or profits for the banks.
  • STOP PAYING THE CRIMINAL BANKS – The only solution is to put a moratorium on debt service. Let’s fight to restore city services, end pay cuts to city workers, protect pensions, stop union busting and keep valuable city assets. Put people’s needs before bankers’ greed.

Initiated by:   Moratorium Now! Coalition to Stop Foreclosures, Evictions & Utility Shut-offs

To endorse or for more information: 313-680-5508 or

Initial endorsers

Reverend Charles Williams, II, President, National Action Network-Detroit Chapter
Free Detroit – No Consent
Reverend Edwin Rowe, Senior Pastor, Central United Methodist Church, Detroit
Detroit Eviction Defense
JoAnn Watson, Council member, Detroit City Council
Vanessa Fluker, Esq., Anti-foreclosure attorney
Maureen Taylor, Chair, Michigan Welfare Rights Oragnization
Reverend Bill Wylie Kellermann, St . Peters Episcopal Church
Conscious Community Network
Detroit Green Party

Weekly organizing meetings every Monday, 7:00 pm, 5920 Second Ave., Detroit


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