More Outrageous Mass Arrests of Solidarity Singers at the State Capitol in Madison, The People Sing On

….Also Tuesday, retired pastorCarter Dary collapsed on the rotunda floor during the singalong and was taken away by paramedics. Dary was not arrested Tuesday, but on Friday he was arrested and then taken to the hospital for angina, a chest pain caused when the heart doesn’t get enough oxygen.

In an interview Monday, Dary said Friday’s arrest was the first in his life. After he was arrested, he said he felt woozy and believed he was having a heart attack. Officers provided him a nitroglycerin pill he had with him, but did not take off his handcuffs, upsetting others who were arrested alongside him, said Dary and a man who witnessed the incident.

On Monday, Dary, 67, said he was committed to returning to the Capitol for the singalong.

“They’ll have to carry me out of here toes first,” said the retired Evangelical Lutheran Church in America pastor. “I never said I was real smart, but I do have the courage of my convictions.” []


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