Milwaukee, Sept. 21: ‘Public Education Is A Civil Right’ March & Rally

Assemble 10:30 am at Milwaukee High School of the Arts (2300 W. Highland Ave., Milw). March to Forest Home Avenue School (1516 W. Forest Home Ave., Milw.) for a rally at 1:00 pm. See post below with maps of the route for the march.

Theme: Public Education is a Civil Right.
We need to stand up for our public schools now more than ever! We demand the following because all of our children deserve a world-class public education!
• Fully fund public schools
• Keep a strong taxpayer voice in school governance
• Stop privatization of public education
• Hold voucher schools accountable
• Require quality physical infrastructure for all schools

Public school students, parents, teachers and other staff members from the Milwaukee metro area and state are encouraged to participate to demonstrate our pride in and support for our public schools. We are looking for student drum lines, school bands and other performers to march. School t-shirts, banners, and signs are welcome. Student-made art (signs, banners, etc) declaring pride and support for public schools are also welcome.


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