Support Boston School Bus Drivers

Statement by Boston Peoples Power Assembly:


Update (10/10/13): Repeal suspension of Steve Gillis and Stevan Kirschbaum!


The 800+ mainly Haitian Boston School Bus Drivers need your support. Stand with them and for the safety of Boston’s school children against the union busting and greed of the Veolia corporation and the threats and intimidation of the Mayor and School Department.


Tuesday morning Boston awoke to the power of the workers. The 800 + bus drivers of Local 8751 said “enough is enough” in response to the union busting and racist plantation-style treatment they have received ever since the administration of Boston’s School Bus contract was taken over by Veolia, a huge multi-billion dollar transnational corporation headquartered in France which also is cornering the world’s water supply and operates “settlers only” bus transportation and a “settlers only” landfill in the West Bank.


The drivers are fighting to preserve the gains and union rights they have won over decades of militant, unwavering union struggle. The contract that Veolia has with the city says they must honor the existing contract with the union. Yet it took a major militant march and rally at the company’s offices to get them to sign an agreement that they would honor the contract, which has only been followed by endless violations leading to the union filing 15 counts of unfair labor practices with the NLRB.


As the union’s most recent bulletin explains:


“Grand Theft and Massive, Illegal Unfair Labor Practices Must Stop

“No Respect — No Peace!”


The union membership is continually subjected to disrespect from Veolia management, constant payroll shortages, de facto pay cuts by use of flat rates and gps data in violation of the contract, being forced to stand in line, unpaid, to check in or deal with payroll, and the continued violation of our contract despite having signed an agreement in June to abide by the existing contract and practices.


Enough is enough! Our Boston school bus drivers carry the city’s most precious cargo — our children. It is time for Veolia, the School Department and Mayor Menino to treat them with respect!

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