From BAYAN: Donate Online for the Philippines

Dear Friends:

As you all know, the Philippines is in an urgent state of calamity due to what is now described by the mainstream media as the worst storm in recorded history- Typhoon Haiyan.
BAYAN USA and our close affiliates are working together to coordinate disaster relief efforts to meet the immediate needs of those in the hardest hit regions in the country- particularly the Eastern Visayas region, where the death toll has reached over 10,000 in less than 48 hours in one city alone.
BAYAN USA is endorsing the relief efforts of our good friends in the National Alliance for Filipino Concerns (NAFCON), and calling on all donations to be channeled through NAFCON’s Bayanihan Relief effort. Please donate ONLINE by visiting and clicking the DONATE button. 
NAFCON is a very trusted organization with deep links to grassroots people’s organizations on the ground in the Philippines that will ensure your generous donations will reach those most devastated by the storm.
We must also monitor how this disaster is being used as an pretext to increase militarization in the areas affected. Here is a link to a disturbing development about increased US militarization under the guise of disaster relief-
In these trying times, it will be our people power that will be the decisive force in providing adequate relief, rehabilitation, and will rebuild the scores of towns and small villages decimated by this storm.
Marami pong salamat at mabuhay kayo. 
In solidarity,
Berna Ellorin

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