Update On The Kidnapping Of Miriam Miranda, Call U.S. Government Officials NOW

From the Latin America Solidarity Committee in Milwaukee:

Miriam Miranda, OFRANEH leader in Honduras was kidnapped between 7:30
and 8:30 the morning of July 17. She has since been rescued by members of her
community but those members and Miriam remain trapped in Vallecito due
to paramilitary guards in the area. See the alert update below and
please take the measures called for to the best of your ability.
Thanks, Babette

Vicki Cervantes (Relayed) Miriam and other
OFRANEH people were rescued by community
To HSNmembers HSNlavozchicago@yahoogroups.com
Today at 2:55 PM
Miriam and other OFRANEH people were rescued by community members and
are at Vallecito now. They can’t leave because of the continued
presence of the armed paramilitary guards. There are some campesino
groups mobilizing in the Aguan and other areas to go to help guarantee
their safety. The request is for people to continue to call Honduran
officials and (I suggest also to call the US Embassy) to insist that
the safety of the OFRANEH group is protected and guarenteed so that
they can leave Vallecito safely and that there is no violence against
the community.

Secretary of Security: 504-22355022 and
504-22221111 and fax the Attorney Fax: +504 2221 5667 to demand the
FUSINA (Interinstitutionall Security Force) assure the safety of the
group and community.

Mr. Arturo Corrales
Secretary of State in the Office of
Ocotal Village, Old Place of the
National Police Academy ANAPO
Tegucigalpa, Honduras
Email: comunicacionCNDS@gmail.com

Oscar Chinchilla Banegas
Public Ministry, Lomas del Guijarro
Avenida Dominican Republic
Lomas Plaza II Building
Tegucigalpa, Honduras
Fax: +504 2221 5667
Twitter: @ MP_Honduras

US Embassy Tegucigalpa – 22385114 or 22369320
Human Rights Attache: Amanda Johnson-Miller johnsonmillera@state.gov.

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