United National Antiwar Coalition (UNAC) Supports August 2 National “End The Massacre in Gaza” Protest

Initiated by the ANSWER Coalition, UNAC is a co-sponsor of a national rally to end the Massacre in Gaza.  The rally will take place at the White House at 1 PM on August 2.  The ANSWER coalition has organized buses from several area.  To see if buses are leaving from your area, please click here.

NOTE: The closest buses thus from WI that are going to D.C. are leaving from Chicago:
Contact: ANSWER Chicago at 773-463-0311
Details: Buses depart Friday, Aug. 1 at 6 pm from the ANSWER Office at 4802 N. Broadway (You can also meet the buses at 87th and Harlem in Bridgeview, IL at 8 pm). The bus will return to Chicago Sunday morning. Tickets are $100, plus a $5 processing fee.

– The Wisconsin Bail Out The People Movement is a member of UNAC. –


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