My Trip On The Canadian Water Convoy To Detroit


Detroit’s water crisis has drawn international attention in recent weeks putting a spotlight on the water cut-off program being pursued by the city. Organizations on the ground have been calling for an end to the cut-offs since March when the city announced it would begin shutting off water services to 1,500 to 3,000 households every week. Following a report to the UN Special Rapporteur on the Human Right to Safe Drinking Water and Sanitation submitted by the Blue Planet Project/Council of Canadians and Detroit groups, Special Rapporteur Catarina de Albuquerque warned that the mass water shut-offs were a violation of human rights.

After mounting pressure the city announced a 15-day suspension on new shut-offs yet groups continue to call for the shut offs to end permanently…

…Opposition has been mounting through the summer. Residents organized direct actions outside of Homrich, the company contracted to shut households’ water off. Hollywood stars like Mark Ruffalo and Rage Against the Machine’s Tom Morella have added their voices to the chorus of calls for an end to the shutoffs. On July 18, the National Nurses United along with the Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions organized a mass rally that drew thousands of people including actor Ruffalo to the city.

March in downtown Detroit, July 2014. [Photo: Abayomi Azikiwe]

March in downtown Detroit, July 2014. [Photo: Abayomi Azikiwe]

Chicago, July 30: Protest Boeing Death Machines in Gaza

Protest Boeing Death Machines in Gaza:

Demand Chicago Drop Boeing from Air and Water Show!

Press Conference & Die-in

Wednesday, July 30, 10:00 a.m.

City Hall, 121 N. LaSalle St., 2nd Floor

Boeing Company is a major sponsor of Chicago’s annual Air and Water Show this summer. Many people come to the lake shore every year to see displays of jets and other aircraft.

Boeing weaponry are responsible for many of the over 1000 dead and over 6000 seriously wounded Palestinians in Gaza in the past three weeks. The dead are mostly civilians, including over 200 children. Israel’s fighter jets – the F15s and F16s – as well as Apache helicopters are all made by Boeing.

Boeing has made billions from the sale of weapons for use in Israel’s attacks, as part of its eight year old siege of Gaza.

The City of Chicago should drop Boeing from the sponsors of the Air and Water Show. No company that makes profit from the slaughter of civilians should be included.

Protest initiated by: Anti-War Committee – Chicago, Jews for Justice in Palestine, U.S. Palestinian Community Network and 8th Day Center for Justice. Endorsed by: Chicago Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression, Chicago Coalition to Shut Down Guantanamo, Chicago Committee to Defend the Bill of Rights, Chicago Faith Coalition on Middle East Policy, Illinois Coalition Against Torture, American Friends Service Committee, Jewish Voice for Peace


United National Antiwar Coalition (UNAC) Supports August 2 National “End The Massacre in Gaza” Protest

Initiated by the ANSWER Coalition, UNAC is a co-sponsor of a national rally to end the Massacre in Gaza.  The rally will take place at the White House at 1 PM on August 2.  The ANSWER coalition has organized buses from several area.  To see if buses are leaving from your area, please click here.

NOTE: The closest buses thus from WI that are going to D.C. are leaving from Chicago:
Contact: ANSWER Chicago at 773-463-0311
Details: Buses depart Friday, Aug. 1 at 6 pm from the ANSWER Office at 4802 N. Broadway (You can also meet the buses at 87th and Harlem in Bridgeview, IL at 8 pm). The bus will return to Chicago Sunday morning. Tickets are $100, plus a $5 processing fee.

– The Wisconsin Bail Out The People Movement is a member of UNAC. –


Ireland – Palestine Solidarity Campaign (IPSC)

The IPSC was set up in late 2001 by a group of established Irish human rights and community activists, academics and journalists who were deeply concerned with the current situation in the Occupied Territories. In partnership with Palestinians now living in Ireland the IPSC was formed to provide a voice for Palestine in Ireland.


Chicago, July 28: ‘Stand With Gaza! Protest Zionism In Chicago!


Convened by the Coalition for Justice in Palestine:

– American Muslims for Palestine (AMP)
– Chicago Islamic Center
– Islamic Community Center of Illinois
– Mosque Foundation
– Palestinian American Community Center
– Palestinian American Council
– Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP)-Chicago
– United States Palestinian Community Network (USPCN)

Supported by:

– ANSWER Coalition, Anti-War Committee-Chicago, Arab Jewish Partnership for Peace and Justice in the Middle East, International Action Center, Jews for Justice in Palestine, Jewish Voice for Peace, Palestine Solidarity Group

Saturday, Aug. 2: National March in Washington, D.C.: Stop The Massacre In Gaza!

Transportation is being arranged across the country.

The White House (1600 Pennsylvania Ave.)
Saturday, Aug. 2 at 1:00 p.m.

Use the hashtags: #2DC4Gaza #LetGazaLive #FreePalestine #Protest4Palestine to promote the demonstration on social media

The International Action Center, of which the Wisconsin Bail Out The People Movement is a member, is supporting this event.

Palestinian Resistance: An Icon For Those Who Long To Live Free


“…Palestinians have done it all. We choose resistance, always, in all its forms. We resist because it is our right. Because we are the indigenous people of the land and we have nowhere else to go or belong. Because our parents, grandparents, great grandparents and on and on are buried in this soil. Because we are right and our cause is just. We resist passively and actively. We resist violently and non-violently. It is our legal and moral right to resist with whatever means available to us against what has been accurately called “incremental genocide…”

“…There are people in the world who understand what I am saying. People who have lived under the terrible, cruel, humiliating boots of another people. People who dreamed and agonized for the sweet breath of freedom and justice. Who had to fight and die for it against a vastly superior military force. That is why South Africa stands with us. Why the Irish are with us. Why Bolivia, Venezuela, Chile, Cuba, DR Congo, and others are with us. Civil societies, if not governments, in every part of the world stand with us. Thank you, we say. Thank you, our brothers and sisters for your solidarity. We shall not forget it.

There are those who understand what it means to prefer to die fighting than die on their knees. Why Gazans, in their ineffable grief, fear, insecurity, and misery are choosing to support the muqawama, the resistance. Some people remember the Warsaw uprising, where Jews fired their own version of firecrackers at their highly armed tormentors, and so, many of our Jewish brothers and sisters around the world are standing with us, upholding what is noble and human…”