National Network On Cuba Statement On Michael Brown

The National Network on Cuba (NNOC) stands in solidarity with the people of Ferguson, Missouri in their justified outrage at the racist killing of their community member, young Michael Brown. We send warmest condolences to the heartbroken and anguished Brown family whose child’s life was brutally, senselessly and callously ended.

If only Michael Brown died at the hands of the police, it would be tragedy enough. But the police killings across the U.S. are epidemic and symptomatic that another world is necessary. Youth of color — Afro-decendents, Latino, Indigenous/Native — are targeted, demonized and channeled from school to prison.

According to the Malcolm X Grassroot Movement ( ” in the first six months of this year, (2012) one Black person every 36 hours was executed. This wanton disregard for Black life resulted in the killing of 13 year-old children, fathers taking care of their kids, women driving the wrong cars, as well as people with mental health and drug problems.”

Especially the youth of Ferguson — and the rainbow of protest in cities across the U.S. — who so fearlessly demand the truth be told and justice done for Mike Brown, are welcome social change agents.

We join with them in demanding: HANDS UP! Police guns down. Justice not curfews and repression.

National Network on Cuba co-chairs:

Alicia Jrapko
Banbose Shango
Cheryl LaBash
Franklin Curbelo
Nalda Vigezzi

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