Milwaukee, September 25: MARIA LUISA ROSAL “From the Border to the Base” Connecting the dots between Immigration and the SOA

*7 pm, Thursday, Sept.25. UW-Milwaukee Bolton Hall, room B95*

Born in Guatemala during the worst of the internal armed conflict, Maria Luisa Rosal’s father was disappeared by the Guatemalan government. Afterwards, Rosal fled to the United States and received political asylum. A leading voice for human rights and peace, she works to end torture and violence across the hemisphere. Knowledgeable about grassroots movements, she holds an M.A. in Human Rights and Democratization in Latin America and the Caribbean from the Universidad Nacional de San Martin. Currently she is a Field Organizer for the School of the Americas Watch in Washington, DC. Maria Luisa will speak about life in Central America and her personal story that caused her to work to end violence. The School of the Americas/WHINSEC has been an important factor when looking at the past AND current wave of migration to the United States.

Event Sponsors:
Sponsored by SOA Watch and East-side parishes:
Old St. Mary’s, Our Lady of Divine Providence,
Ss. Peter & Paul and Three Holy Women.
Latin America Solidarity Committee (LASC)
Info: 414-933-6157

Ms. Maria Luisa Rosal

Ms. Maria Luisa Rosal

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