International Action Center: ‘Why Obama’s ‘War On ISIS’ Must Be Opposed’


“…Washington’s past interventions have brought only misery and suffering to the region. From the point of view of the interests of all the people involved in the region, as well as those of the working class here, the only thing the U.S. can rightly do is get out, stay out and pay reparations to rebuild what it has wrecked.”


People’s Climate March: Hundreds of Thousands Take To The Streets Of NYC & Worldwide

Live Stream at Democracy Now:


Article from International Action Center:

“…Environmental racism is another key issue. A meaningful program to end the climate crisis must stress the need for environmental justice for oppressed and poor communities that contend with and suffer from corporate pollution here and worldwide.

The capitalist class aims to maximize profits without regard for the environment they poison or the workers or communities they harm. The movement must target capitalism — the cause of global corporate pollution and the main danger to the planet and all life. The Pentagon, the largest fuel consumer and the globe’s worst polluter, wreaks mass environmental destruction in its quest for global domination. Its role in exacerbating this crisis must also be met head on.”


Coalition For Justice, Milwaukee: September 26 Fundraiser & September 30 Protest, Justice For Dontre Hamilton & All Victims Of Police Terror


INFORMATION: Hey Family! We’ll be holding a fundraiser for the Coalition for Justice on Friday September 26th. We’ll have performances by family members and friends of the coalition and we’ll be making signs and banners to prepare for the September 30th speak-out and march. EVENT INFO:

We ask for $5 at the door. The fight for #justicefordontre is going strong, but the Coalition for Justice will need funds to win. We invite you all to join us for some music and fun with fellow freedom fighters. Everyone is invited to share their own talents, as well, so feel free to bring your instruments!

We have come so far, but It is more important now than ever to sustain the momentum in our fight. Join us as we continue to organize and build towards a Milwaukee free of racist police and white supremacists. If we can all come together, there is no question that we will win!

CoSponsored by the Step By Step Collective and the Riverwest Public House Cooperative



Calling all Community Members, activists, friends, and family to stand with us against injustice on our streets and in our communities. EVENT INFO:

September 30th will be the 5 month anniversary since Dontre Hamilton was murdered by a Milwaukee Police Officer. Dontre Hamilton was shot 14 times for resting in a public park. A lot of promises have been made by public officials looking for a photo op. But the truth is the truth – 5 months later and his family has yet to see justice.

Join us as we gather, once again, at Red Arrow Park (Ground Zero) to demand #justicefordontre and for all victims of MPD brutality and white vigilante violence. We will hear families of those that we have lost share their experiences through a public speak-out, followed by a march.

We will NOT tolerate racist police killing innocent people in our streets. On September 30th, we will rally as a community with these families and we will #standforjustice.

*If you would like to co-sponsor this event, please message the coalition for justice on Facebook.

Co-sponsors: Occupy Milwaukee, Angela N. Walker for Milwaukee County Sheriff, Welfare Warriors, Wisconsin Bail Out the People Movement, Workers World Party, Envisioning the Future, more to come…


Labor Contingent Supports Saturday’s People’s Climate March

From Madison’s Labor Radio,

By Doug Cunningham

Fourteen hundred organizations are supporting The People’s Climate March in New York City this Saturday. It’s being billed as the largest climate march in history, demanding action to protect the world from the impact of climate change caused by human pollution. Organized labor is represented by the CWA, Connecticut chapters of the AFL-CIO and SEIU, IBEW Local 3, Teamsters Joint Council 16, National Nurses United, UAW Region 9, AFSCME DC37, TWU Local 100 and others. The march is for a future with good jobs, clean air, and healthy communities for all. Demands include a world with an economy that works for people and the planet. Labor backers say climate change must be considered a labor and social justice issue.



Unions Call On Chicago Mayor To End $100 Million A Year Bank Deals

Posted: September 17, 2014 by laborradio

By Doug Cunningham

The Chicago Teachers Union, AFSCME Council 31 and SEIU Healthcare of Illinois and Indiana are all calling on Chicago’s mayor to file for arbitration to recover millions of dollars from toxic interest rate swap deals. The unions want Mayor Rahm Emanuel to end the deals they say are costing the city of Chicago and Chicago schools $100 million a year.

The unions say banks like Bank of America and investment firms like Loop Capital are profiting from toxic interest rate swap deals at the expense of city services and education in Chicago. A similar effort is underway by a labor-community coalition in Los Angeles. Similar deals have cost the public billions of dollars nationwide. Labor-community coalitions say the banks did not properly disclose the risks involved in these deals.

When the economy was crashed in 2008 by big banks and their fraudulent and toxic complex financial instruments the aftermath created historically low interest rates. And that, ironically, has meant the banks are profiting from a financial meltdown they caused.



NYC, September 21: ALBA countries Against Climate Change

From the Alberto Lovera Bolivarian Circle of New York

We will meet at 79th Street and Central Park West to March against Climate Change this coming Sunday at 10 AM Sept 21. Please join to the ALBA countries Against Climate Change.

We will be marching with Claudia Salerno, Venezuela.  Rene Orellana, Bolivia. both of them Presidential Special Envoy for Climate Change of their respective countries. Jaime Hermidas, deputy ambassador and chief negotiator for climate change Nicaragua.

The agreement was proposed by the government of Venezuela, led by President Hugo Chávez, as an alternative to the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA or ALCA in Spanish), a proposal by the United States that was opposed by several countries and the region and inspired massive popular protests.

The Cuba-Venezuela Agreement, signed on December 14, 2004, by Presidents Hugo Chávez and Fidel Castro, was aimed at the exchange of medical and educational resources and petroleum between both nations. Venezuela began to deliver about 96,000 barrels of oil per day from its state-owned oil company, PDVSA, to Cuba at very favorable prices and Cuba in exchange sent 20,000 state-employed medical staff and thousands of teachers to Venezuela’s poorest states. The agreement also made it possible for Venezuelans to travel to Cuba for specialized medical care free of charge.


Milwaukee Film Festival Movie September 29 — FILM SCREENING: The Death of Corey Stingley @ The Milwaukee Film Festival

Please mark your calendars and spread the word. A special screening of this film will be happening on Monday, September 29th at the Oriental Theatre as part of the Milwaukee Film Festival’s Milwaukee Show. The Milwaukee show features 9 locally made short films and the Corey Stingley piece will be the first film to play that night. Buy your tickets early, the Milwaukee show always sells out. You can purchase tickets here:

“On December 14, 2012, a young black high school student named Corey Stingley was aggressively restrained after he tried to shoplift alcohol from a neighborhood store. Three white men held Corey to th…e ground, “squeezing the hell out of him,” according to an eyewitness. When the police arrived, he was no longer breathing. He died two weeks later from brain injuries resulting from asphyxiation. The men who restrained him were never charged.

Corey’s story is painfully similar to those of young black men across the country. Did his skin color preemptively decide his fate in the American justice system? VICE News follows Corey’s father, Craig, as he seeks justice in the hyper-segregated Wisconsin city of West Allis, and mourns the death of his son.”