Critical Alert: FOP And PA Legislature Try To Silence Mumia!

The Pennsylvania Senate will vote this week on House bill HB2533 and Senate bill SB508. The Governor has pledged to sign it.. This bill will make it illegal for prisoners to speak publicly AND allow the AG or DA to sue prisoners and the folks that assist them.   This legislation was fast tracked in direct response to the positive support Mumia received for his Goddard College commencement speech.  

Audio Judiciary Committee PA House hearing
Video link Press Conference 10-6-14 announcing the Bill and attended by Gov. Corbett, and Philadephia DA Seth Williams.
This legislation was created to silence political prisoners like Mumia Abu Jamal, Kerry Shakaboona Marshall, Bryant Arroyo and  Russell Shoatz whose can be heard around the world, in spite of their physical captivity. Consider how much their voices have contributed to our intellectual heritage and collective growth. Consider all that we have learned about prison conditions and prisoner rights violations from those imprisoned.

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