Milwaukee, October 30: 6 Months Too Long: Honoring The Life Of Dontre Hamilton


Calling all concerned community members, activists, friends, and family to stand and unite for justice in the city of Milwaukee.

October 30 will mark the 6th month anniversary since Dontre Hamilton was wrongfully shot 14 times in Red Arrow Park by Milwaukee Police Officer Christopher Manney. The chief of police has made it clear that this officer violated Dontre’s constitutional rights and initiated an altercation which led to him murdering our brother on April 30th of this past year. While his firing was a step in the right direction, it is not enough. There is more work to be done, and our community must not rest until injustice is eradicated from our streets, our neighborhoods, and our city.

We are gathering in Red Arrow Park (our Ground Zero) to honor Dontre Hamilton’s life and speak out about the injustices that continue to take place in our communities by officers who are sworn to protect and serve us.

Our slogan has been, and will remain, “NO JUSTICE, NO COMPROMISE.” We will not compromise as long as our children have to grow up in fear of the police officers who roam their city blocks. We cannot compromise as long as our constitutional rights are violated by the very officials who take oaths to uphold them.

Please join us.

NOTE: This event will take place on Thursday October 30 at Red Arrow Park (1000 N. Water St.) at 6 pm.


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