Madison, April 9: Campus Panel on Fight for $15

**Organizers: Need help answering tough questions about raising the minimum wager? Bring them to the panel! Submit your questions for the panel to**

Please join the UW School for Workers, COWS, and the Madison Fight for $15 for a panel discussion about the importance of raising wages for everyone from fast food and home care workers to student hourly workers and adjunct professors.

Co-sponsoring the event is and Student Labor Action Coalition (SLAC).

The panel will include underpaid campus workers who are organizing for a higher base wages for UW-Madison employees, Madison fast food workers involved in the Fight for $15, and economist Laura Dresser (Associate Director at COWS), and State Representative Melissa Sargent.

In this era of cuts to higher education and rising income inequality, raising wages for millions of low-wage workers is needed now more than ever. Join us for this conversation to learn why, and hear from workers who are leading this emerging movement.

Workers in the Fight for $15 movement are making real change. Since fast-food workers went on strike in November 2012, the Fight for $15 has completely changed the way the country looks at low-wage work and inequality. A rising tide for higher pay has spurred numerous cites, states, and even employers like Walmart,The Gap, Target and Ikea to increase wages for 8 million workers across the country.

Join us for this important conversation!


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