Milwaukee, April 6: Celebrate Palestinian Land Day

We invite you to celebrate Land Day with guest speaker Ahmad Tibi, member of the Israeli Knesset.

April 6th, 7pm, at the Palestinian American Council, 815 w Layton ave.

Tibi is the leader of the Arab Movement for Change (Ta’al), an Arab party in Israel. Tibi served as a political advisor to Yasser Arafat (1993–1999.) Tibi is an anti-Zionist who supports the Palestinian right of return, calling it a “prerequisite for reconciliation.”

Land Day History:
On march 30th, 1976, Palestinian Israeli citizens organized a general strike and marches from Galillee to Negev in protest of Israel’s planned land theft for settlement construction. Israeli soldiers killed six Palestinians, wounded 100, and arrested hundreds more for the protest. The martyrs are now commemorated, and the actions celebrated worldwide as a day of resistance to Israeli occupation.


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