Rasmea Odeh Appeal Going Forward in Cincinnati


Rasmea Odeh is at home in Chicago and preparing for her appeal in a Cincinnati courtroom. This follows an outrageous sentencing of 18 months in prison, to be followed by her deportation.

Our next step is to ask solidarity activists to plan for events with defense attorney Michael Deutsch sometime soon after June 10th, which is the day the defense will file the appeal. We will broadcast live to your city following the submission.

The prosecution will file its response to the appeal on or before July 8th, and then we believe that it will be heard sometime in September 2015. That is when we will mobilize supporters of Rasmea to attend the appeal in Cincinnati, OH, right on the border with Kentucky. We expect a large turnout since Cincinnati, a little over 4 1/2 hours from Chicago, is centrally located between the Midwest, South, and East.

Rasmea Odeh is a 67-year-old Palestinian American woman and Arab American community organizer. She is beloved by the women and children on Chicago’s Southwest side and suburbs, and by thousands of others across the U.S. and the world.

Odeh was arrested by Homeland Security in 2013 and put on trial in Detroit in 2014. Before the trial could even begin, Judge Paul D. Borman was forced to step down, to recuse himself, when it was revealed that he was a Zionist with financial and political ties to the Israeli occupation. His replacement, Judge Gershwin Drain, prejudiced jurors with his statements and conducted a trial full of irregularities. For example, defense lawyers were not allowed to mention her rape and torture by Israeli soldiers. Judge Drain also allowed her conviction by the military court of the illegal, Israeli occupation army to stand.

We are now in the final phase of the legal process, where federal judges make the rulings. The need to organize solidarity is now more important than ever.


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