May 27, Milwaukee: AUER Community is NOT Your Colony! Hands Off Milwaukee Public Schools! NO to Jim Crow! YES to Public Education!

Auer Avenue Elementary is one of the public schools targeted by the Senator Alberta Darling (R – River Hills) and Representative Dale Kooyenga’s (R – Brookfield) Milwaukee Public Schools takeover plan and a symbol of all of our under-resourced schools. Join us as we surround Auer Ave. School and let state legislators and the county executive know that AUER Community is NOT your colony!

This school defense rally will be the first in a series of citywide actions to raise public awareness of what our schools and communities are facing, and how all of our communities can join in the fight to keep democratic control of our schools. OUR SCHOOLS, OUR SOLUTIONS!

When: Wednesday, May 27

Where: Auer Avenue Elementary (2319 W. Auer, Milwaukee, WI 53206)

When: 4:45 pm


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