Milwaukee, May 28: Pack MPS School Board Meeting

Join teachers, staff and community supporters of public education tonight, May 28, for the Milwaukee Public School Board’s regular meeting, where the budget and the attempted takeover will be discussed. The address is 5225 W. Vliet Street, 6:30 pm.

“I’m going to share the call and email information for all of the folks who are on the Board, and I need you to call and email them today and encourage them to stand firm against this takeover of our schools. Even if the state imposes this measure on the Board, it won’t have been without a fight,” says community activist Angela Walker.

Milwaukee Public Schools Board Members:

President Michael Bonds- 414 475-8284
Director Mark Sain- 414 614-1774
Director Wendell Harris- 414 475-8284
Director Annie Woodward- 414 510-9079
Director Larry Miller- 414 469-9319
Director Tatiana Joseph- 414 475-8284
Director Claire Zautke- 414 475-8284
Director Claire Voss- 414 475-8284
Director Terry Falk- 414 510-9173

The email for all of the Directors is

More information: #‎NoMPSTakeover‬

May 27, 2015 Auer Elementary, Milwaukee

May 27, 2015 Auer Elementary, Milwaukee [Photo: Joe Brusky]

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