Madison, June 11: Another Budget Is Possible Rally

Gather at GEF 2 Plaza (King St. & Webster St.) at 4:30 pm for a short march or State Street Steps at 5 pm for the rally.

All out for a mass rally at the Capitol the first day either house of the Legislature takes up the biennial state budget! We know this austerity budget forces unnecessary cuts on those who can least afford it–students, the elderly, those reliant on food stamps. It also targets scientists at the DNR who help protect our land and water, extension agents who help farmers and other rural landowners, and educators at all levels. We know that ANOTHER BUDGET IS POSSIBLE and this event will help launch a participatory process to create a budget that reflects the true priorities of the people of Wisconsin, rather than those of big business.

There will be a feeder march from GEF 2 Plaza at King & Webster–in front of DNR headquarters–starting at 4:30 pm.

This event is sponsored by the Another Budget Is Possible Coalition. Endorsements are welcome and will be listed below as they come in. To endorse the event, please visit

Endorsed by:
UW-Madison Teaching Assistants’ Association (TAA; AFT Local 3220)
AFSCME Local 171
United Faculty and Academic Staff (AFT Local 223)
AFT-Wisconsin Higher Education Council
Student Labor Action Coalition
Wisconsin Bail Out the People Movement

Wisconsin does not have a budget crisis. It has a political crisis. The proposed budget will make existing problems worse. It will further worsen the quality of K-12 education and make college education even less of a possibility for most Wisconsinites. It will further erode public services and diminish the quality of life for working peoples in Wisconsin, plunging those that are already excluded from access to important state resources into extreme deprivation.

Public services are already eroded and in disrepair for Wisconsin’s Black citizens. But this budget, which is a form of state sanctioned violence, will only create hostile living conditions and expand the drought of resources for our Black populations here. And we are already the worst state to live if you are Black.

We demand a budget that serves the interests of all the people of Wisconsin, not the interests of a wealthy elite.

We demand transparency and popular participation in the process of constructing the budget. Another Budget is Possible!


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