In Defense of Venezuela: Statement from the PFLP in Venezuela

“…The relations between the Palestinian and Venezuelan people have very deep historical and political roots and no one can divide them. The only “scammers and swindlers” are the private owners of “El Nacional” newspaper attempting to trade the Palestinian students in Venezuela for its objectives in local elections and to speculate on the Palestinian cause in an electoral climate that is unfavorable to reactionary, right-wing and pro-Zionist forces. We are confident that the attempts of “El Nacional” are doomed to fail and they will face another defeat in the National Assembly elections next 6 December.

Viva la Lucha Antiimperialista – Anti-sionista!
Viva Chávez!
Viva la Amistad entre Palestina y Venezuela!
Patria …. socialismo …. o Muerte!

Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine – Venezuela Organization


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