Boots Riley: The Problem With the Fight for 15

Boots Riley, the Oakland-based activist and performer discusses the need for workers to look beyond city councils and form a radical new labor movement.

“…I suggest that radicals create new, militant unions that are upfront about their revolutionary ideals, clearly articulating that winning fights around wage hikes through militant strikes is but one step in a revolutionary strategy. Declaring that we’ll physically keep scabs out will increase workers’ faith in their ability to win.

These new unions will break the laws that make current unions so powerless, and union organizers may go to jail. Jail isn’t new to radicals. An actual militant labor movement could organize a strike that is so effective that we negotiate wage increases and demand that the prices of goods be tied to corresponding wage increases, ensuring that wage hikes have real effects.

This sort of movement has the potential to be popular. It could lead to widespread general strikes to affect policy and develop from there into a situation in which the workers take over the facilities en masse. This would be the start of a revolutionary situation – one in which a living wage is a right, not a polite request.”


Milwaukee, July 26: Study Collective

Dear One and All,

*In the wake of the firing of Marquette’s Director of the Gender and Sexuality Resource Center and the destruction of a student-created mural of Assata Shakur, a major figure in contemporary Black political activism

*Following 20 years of neglect, zero budget, and no institutional support for Africana Studies at Marquette and in affirmation that Black intellectual history matters

* To support the rise of student and community activism around policing, racism, economic inequality, mass incarceration, detention and deportation, sexual violence and other issues

* Wanting to experience the learning that happens when we create knowledge and resist unequal power dynamics in the learning process itself

We send this call for all who are interested to come together in a study collective – name to be determined – inspired by freedom schools and the undisciplined learning collectives of social movements that gave rise to Black, Ethnic, American Indian, and Women’s and Gender Studies.

The name and purpose of the study collective will emerge from our conversations together. Given recent events, we think it makes sense to begin with Assata: An Autobiography by Assata Shakur, a book that has come to represent (once again) the dangers associated with oppositional thinking.

Come join us to discuss Assata: An Autobiography, whether you’ve read the whole book, part or none. RSVP not necessary, but appreciated!


Milwaukee, July 22: ATU Local 998 Rally

Join ATU members and supporters as we rally in front of County Executive Abele’s Luxury Condo “The Moderne” and continue the fight for a fair contract for the hardworking Members of ATU local 998 that move Milwaukee.Wednesday, July 22 is Hump Day and County Executive Abele is nothing more than a hump sitting in the way of a stronger Milwaukee and ATU negotiations. A 15-foot inflatable camel will be making a special appearance to help us spread the message that Milwaukee needs to “Dump the Hump!”

We will assemble in the public lot next to Carson’s Prime Steaks and Barbecue at 301 W. Juneau Avenue, Milwaukee at 4:30pm.

The ATU Hump Day Rally begins at 5:00pm.

Thank you for your solidarity and support! We are all ATU!

Members of Wisconsin Bail Out The People Movement, members of ATU Local 998 and their families on the work stoppage picket line July 2, 2015 in Milwaukee [Photo: WI BOPM]

Members of Wisconsin Bail Out The People Movement, members of ATU Local 998 and their families on the work stoppage picket line July 2, 2015 in Milwaukee [Photo: WI BOPM]

20th Anniversary of the Million Man March: Justice Or Else! to buy a bus ticket and book hotel register to get national updates

20th Anniversary of the Million Man March (Justice Or Else)

Join Muhammad Mosque #3 as we take a caravan of coach buses from Milwaukee, Wisconsin to Washington, DC.

Buses will leave from Muhammad Mosque #3 early Friday morning, October 9, 2015., We will stay at the Hyatt Place Herndon/Dulles Airport-East Friday and Saturday nights..

The 20th Anniversary Observance is on Saturday, October 10, 2015

The buses will depart from Washington, DC eraly Sunday morning arriving back in Milwaukee Sunday night.

Bus seat $105
Hotel rate $119

2 queen beds and sofa bed

Click on link below and select date October 9, 2015

For more info call (414) 755-2006


YGB In Madison: Free the 350 Action!

YGB and Groundwork hosted an action yesterday to highlight the vast disparities in the Dane county injustice system. Here is the statement that we brought to the Police Department, The DA’s office and the Jail.

July 21, 2015

To: Madison Police Department, Dane County District Attorney, and Dane County Sheriff,

People of color, specifically Black people are disproportionately targets of the injustice system at every level, from arrests, to referrals, to sentencing, incarceration and beyond. The Dane County Criminal Justice system is guilty of leading the nation in racial disparities. A so called progressive county.

As we know, we account for 5-6% of Dane County’s total population, but make up close to 50% of the jail population. Therefore we demanded that 350 Black people be freed from the shackles of 21st century slavery. In doing so, the jail populations will reflect a world where racism and white supremacy does not exist.

Or, Dane County can arrest 6,000 white people, we are sure UW-Madison has more drugs flowing through it than the south side of Madison. This will create equality within our so called justice system. But, we believe that incarceration is not the answer, but instead creates a brutal cycle of oppression, especially for our Black brothers and sisters living in poverty.

We stand here today, to share our stories, our experiences, our lives, and our humanity. We stand here today to show the devastating impact state violence has on people of color, particularly Black people. Such state violence perpetuates the robbery of the Black body, a story as long as the history of America. Such state violence waters the roots of white supremacy in this county. The 350 are not data points, are not statistics, but are humans, with individual stories and struggles. Each number is a white person that walks with an invisible shield of whiteness protecting them from an evolved form of slavery. Each one of these criminal acts would land a Black American in a slave pen. Each arrest, each stop is a traumatic experience, being Black in America is a traumatic experience that weighs on your mind, body, and soul.

Black people are not inherently criminal, in fact the real crime is the poverty, the real crime is state violence. So we demand the immediate release of 350 21st century Black slaves from the Dane County jail.

All Power to the People,

The Young Gifted and Black Coalition,
Groundwork Madison,
& community members for racial justice

Madison, July 21, 2015

Madison, July 21, 2015

Milwaukee, July 22: Coalition For Justice Mass Meeting

Good evening family!

Please join us Wednesday July 22, 2015 at All Peoples Church as we continue building towards change!
Last meeting we reacquainted ourselves with the stories that what bring people to this movement and where their skills lie.  Wednesday we’ll discuss ways that you can get involved as we begin to plan our next events for the end of the summer.  
We appreciate each and every person who made it out to our last mass meeting. Thank you all for always answering the call and dedicating your time to fight for justice with us. 
Please join us, and bring a friend. We have an opportunity to change this city! Lets be the change. 
We look forward to seeing your there. Please bring your thoughts.

What: Mass Meeting 
Where: All Peoples Church (2600 N. 2nd. St) 
When: Wednesday July 22, 2015 
Time: 6:00-8:30pm 
About: Justice!
Also please don’t forget to join us this Saturday, July 25th for the Black Lives Matter Art Showcase. This event is an opportunity for our community to come together and experience the best in song, dance, performance art, etc. our city has, and its all dedicated to the fight for justice locally and nationally.  Our theme for this event: “Let justice roll on like a river, righteousness like a never-failing stream” – Amos 5:24
Please come out and join us. All are welcomed.

WHO: The Coalition for Justice & The Alternative are coming together to help showcase the arts and social justice movement together under one roof!
WHAT: Showcase & Fundraising Event
WHEN: Saturday, July 25th from 5 p.m. – 8 p.m.
WHERE: All People’s All Peoples Church (2600 N. 2nd St.)
We’ll have singing, dancing, rappers, mimes, artists, story tellers and vendors.
Lastly, if you are able to make a donation for this fundraiser we are in need of the items listed below.   Please email us by COB Wednesday if you are able to donate any of the following items: 
  • 3 black and 3 white plastic table cloths
  • Hot dogs (Anyone know of a place where you can get turkey hot dogs in bulk.)
  • Nacho Cheese
  • Nacho chips
  • Boxes of individual chips 
  • Can Sodas
  • Water (several) 
  • Cooler
  • Bags of ice
  • Crock pots for cheese

We thank you and look forward to seeing you Wednesday and Saturday!


ColorofChange Petition Campaign

ColorOfChange is the country’s largest online civil rights organization, committed to holding corporations and institutions accountable to the issues of Black Americans and to amplifying the political voice of the Black community. Sign the petition and spread the word! This is a great way for folks to get involved in the fight for Justice in Milwaukee, even if they are unable to join us in the streets. This is a NATIONAL effort – share this with friends and family in other parts of the country, as well!

And don’t forget to follow the Coalition for Justice on Twitter


Facebook ( and Instagram(@thecoalition4justicemke), or feel free to give us a call with any questions or concerns


Cleveland, OH July 24-26: The Movement For Black Lives Convening

Help the Boston school bus drivers win the third and final round against union-busting

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or send checks to: Friends of the School Bus 5  

P.O. Box 141 Stoughton, MA 02072

Like many union struggles, the Boston school bus driver fight has been a long one.

Four of the union’s leaders were unjustly and illegally fired by the union-busting Veolia Corp in November 2013—and still haven’t gotten their jobs back.

The company they are up against, recently renamed Transdev, is not only notorious for union-busting—which is bad enough—but Transdev supports Israeli apartheid by operating segregated rail lines in the occupied West Bank.

But unlike many protracted union struggles, this union—Steelworkers Local 8751, with a majority immigrant workforce of Haitian, Cape Verdean as well as African American workers—has won a series of stunning victories in its fight for justice.

The first one came in early March, when a transparent union-busting attempt by Veolia to frame union Vice President Steve Kirschbaum with a series of false felony charges was crushed. A working class jury returned a not-guilty verdict in a record ten minutes.

That was round one. Round two came when, in the union’s highest-ever election turnout, the members voted in the full slate of Team Solidarity candidates—led by the fired leaders!—by a landslide to the union’s Executive Board.

Team Solidarity’s winning slate, including the illegally fired leaders

One could compare this righteous upset to socialist labor leader Eugene Debs getting a million votes for U.S. president while in jail for opposing World War 1. As sweet as this second victory was, the members know that the third and final battle has not been won: the reinstatement of the four.

Veolia has gone even further in its attempts to break this mighty union. To give just one example, they illegally issued an ultimatum, with threats to eliminate a million dollars in retroactive pay raises, if the workers do not accept a concession-laden “last best offer” to replace the contract that expired June of last year. Not only is Veolia trying to starve out the four, the company is using every trick in the book to create a division between them and the membership as contract negotiations drag on.

Veolia has yet again underestimated the united resolve of this class-conscious, militant union, whose members march with the Black Lives Matter and LGBTQ movement. But the four do need help to continue this fight. This isn’t the typical case of a strike where the union has a strike fund—though a strike may well be coming. The four fired drivers, out of work 22 months, are relying on solidarity donations to support themselves and their families while they fight for their jobs and perform their duties as elected union leaders.

Online campaign:

Send checks to:

Friends of the School Bus 5

P.O. Box 141 

Stoughton, MA 02072