WEAC members reach out to Kohler families


“Onalaska kindergarten teacher and WEAC Region 4 President Allison Pratt has a special place in her heart for the employees at the Kohler Co. in Sheboygan, on strike for fair wages to support their families. Pratt, along with members of WEAC Region 4, are standing in solidarity by donating to the families impacted by the situation.

WEAC Region 4, comprising southwestern communities including La Crosse, is also spreading the word to other WEAC affiliates and partnering with other labor groups to encourage standing together for living wages. “We’re asking WEAC’s other regions to match our contributions, exceed them or to give anything they can give,” Pratt said.

Educators point toward students when explaining why they’re lending their support to Kohler employees. Family-supporting jobs are a key factor in providing stability for children, which is a key factor in school success….” http://tinyurl.com/ogunzwm



For more information and how to support Local 833:

Supporters can send or drop off monetary contributions, fire wood (for burn barrels), solidarity resolutions, holiday toys for kids and non-perishable goods to:

UAW Local 833
Emil Mazey Hall
5425 Superior Ave.
Sheboygan, WI 53083

Picket lines are 24-7. Stop by Emil Mazey hall to join a shuttle to a picket line

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