Stop FBI Harrasment of SOA Watch Members & all Progressive Activists!

FBI agents, including Counterterrorism agents, have for years been surveilling, reporting and gathering intelligence on First Amendment protected political speech and actions of the SOA Watch movement*. This is despite the fact that the FBI repeatedly describes our actions as peaceful. The FBI and its Counterterrorism Division have surveilled SOA Watch just as they have members of the Black Lives Matter movement, the Occupy Movement and various parts of the peace and justice movements for years.  We will not allow the government to intimidate or silence our movement for human rights. Please join us as we call on Congress to review these actions, hold the FBI accountable, and take corrective action. We stand for justice and human rights with our sisters and brothers across the world and like them we will not be silenced. Join us!

Please take a moment and add your organization’s name to the organizational sign-on letter that was initiated by the Bill of Rights Defense Committee/ Defemding Dissent Foundation. Sign on here:

Thank you for your support and solidarity,

Hendrik Voss
SOA Watch

* To read the 420 pages of FBI documents on SOA Watch that the lawyers from the Partnership for Civil Justice were able to obtain through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) from the FBI Field Office in Atlanta, visit:


Dr. King rally Jan. 16, 2012 Milwaukee, WI.

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